Continuous Delivery Academy

Four Day intensive hands-on training

University is a great learning environment, but it doesn’t always teach all the skills you need to be successful in a professional development team.

We have put together a 4-day course on Continuous Delivery for students and fresh graduates, aimed at getting them up and running in no time. Based on the training materials we have developed, it covers:

  • Git: Advanced version control in a team setting
  • Jenkins : Build and test automation
  • Test Driven Development : Build quality in
  • Docker : Build, Ship, Run anywhere

The course structure is module based, with each module containing an instructor-led presentation of each topic followed by either lab exercises or discussions.

Attendees are welcome to bring questions or challenges from their own background.

This year, we organized 4 Continuous Delivery Academies in different universities.



Four days




This class has plenty of hands-on exercises to familiarize you with the nitty-gritty details of professional software development. You will leave this course ready to work in a software team.


Aarhus, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim