Continuous Delivery Academy

Four-day hands-on training for students

University is a great learning environment, but it doesn’t always teach all the skills you need to be successful in a professional development team.

We have put together a 4-day course on Continuous Delivery for students and recent graduates, aimed at getting them up and running in no time. Based on the training materials we have developed, it covers:

  • Git: Advanced version control in a team setting
  • Jenkins : Build and test automation
  • Test Driven Development : Build quality in
  • Docker : Build, Ship, Run anywhere

The course structure is module-based, with each module containing an instructor-led presentation of each topic followed by either lab exercises or discussions.

Want to get involved?

As a student, you can pre-register here for the Continuous Delivery Academy 2018.

As a sponsor, you can send us a mail at and we’ll set up a chat!

To get a quick overview of the Academy, check out this video from the 2017 Continuous Delivery Academy in Copenhagen

Where and when will it take place?

The date and location for 2018 are not set yet, but the Academy usually runs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the summer break in June or August.

We organized four Continuous Delivery Academies in 2017 in different universities: Chalmers in Gothenburg, HiOA in Oslo, IT University in Copenhagen and Aarhus University.



Four days


Beginners (students and recent graduates)


This class has plenty of hands-on exercises to familiarize you with the nitty-gritty details of professional software development. You will leave this course ready to work in a software team.


Aarhus, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stockholm and Trondheim

Want to book a training course?

Contact: Adam Henriques +45 2812 9094