Continuous Delivery Alliance

Continuous Delivery Alliance

The Alliance is a community of ambitious companies in the field of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Eficode Praqma facilitates gatherings to discuss the latest in Continuous Delivery and DevOps, share challenges and best practices with peers, and learn from each other.

Why should you join a gathering?

Each gathering is an opportunity to learn relevant practices around DevOps and Continuous Delivery and contribute to group discussions with your ideas, challenges and experience

There are gatherings once or twice a year. It takes place in a hotel in Scandinavia as a two-day retreat.

What to expect from a gathering?
  • Lightning talks about new technologies and practices, and on-going projects to kickoff discussions.
  • Multiple sessions of open space discussions where you can bring up the challenges that you face in your organization, as well as the solutions and good practices that you want to share.
  • Inspiring speakers are invited to present their learnings and engage in discussions with the group.
  • An open forum driven by participants