Two-day hands-on Jira training

How do you get started using Jira? How will it help you with your work and help your team collaborate? How do you use Jira Software to manage Scrum projects from inception to completion? If you have these or similar questions, then this course is for you.

On the first day, you’ll learn about the three Jira products: Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. You’ll get comfortable with Jira through hands-on experience performing the most common tasks, working through real-life scenarios on a preconfigured instance of Jira.

We’ll also cover key concepts required to manage Jira Software projects including creating, configuring and using boards, working with sprints and backlogs, and managing work progress through reporting. You’ll apply these concepts in the context of real-world business scenarios and get an overview of the reporting capabilities of Jira Software.

The second day focuses on the Agile project team. You’ll be introduced to complex multi-team scenarios, and learn how to create and work with Jira Agile boards addressing a broad range of business scenarios.

Project Managers and Product Owners will learn how to turn client feedback into a well-organized backlog and how to ensure that estimation statistics are giving them the information they need. Scrum masters and board admins will learn how to configure boards to meet all project requirements, regardless of the complexity of the project. Developers will learn how to use and log time against sub-tasks.

The entire team will experience the benefits of Jira Software’s integration with development and collaboration tools, for the purpose of monitoring sprints and planning releases. Lastly, we’ll look at how to maximize Jira’s reporting capabilities.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a Jira issue and progress it through the workflow
  • Monitor the issue status as it flows through the workflow using search
  • Describe how issues are organized in Jira
  • Save a search to simplify status requests
  • Modify existing issues, changing priority and assignees
  • Update multiple issues in one operation to align with changing business requirements
  • Create Pie Chart reports to communicate user utilization and issue complexity
  • Communicate progress of project tasks using the Jira dashboard
  • Submit service desk request using the Customer Portal
  • Organize service desk requests using queues
  • Move agile software development issues through the workflow using a Scrum board
  • Communicate project process using agile specific reports
  • Create boards based on business requirements
  • Customize boards to reflect business needs
  • Groom the backlog and plan the sprint
  • Estimate stories and create a sprint backlog
  • Discover useful agile report
  • Use Jira Agile boards to support Agile project management
  • Create and configure a board to satisfy specific business requirements
  • Use multiple boards and filters to satisfy specific user requirements
  • Support larger scale projects using Jira Agile boards and functionality
  • Use Jira Agile reports to inform project decisions


The course is run as instructor-led presentations of each topic followed by live demos, lab exercises or discussions. To ensure maximum interaction and learning we normally limit this course to 15 attendees.

The course is based on using the command line as this gives users the deepest understanding and knowledge that is easily portable to any graphical client. No prior experience with command-line and bash is really needed. You only need to bring a laptop with Git bash installed, and we will take care of the rest.

Attendees are welcome to bring questions or challenges from their own background.

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Two days

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Hands-on course with a lot of exercises and learning material

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New Jira Users, Product Managers, Project Administrators, Jira Application Admins, Developers and System Admins, Agile developers, agile coaches, scrum masters, team leads, project managers, product owners. Anyone who uses Jira Software to manage Agile development.

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Malmö, or on-site.

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