Introduction to Docker with Orchestration

DATE: 19/12/18 LOCATION: Copenhagen

A day of hands-on training for IT students

Introduction to Docker with Orchestration background

A day of hands-on training for IT students

University is a great learning environment, but it doesn’t always teach all the skills you need to be successful in a professional development team. We would like to offer any IT student to this one day course in Docker, free of charge.

In this course you will get a basic introduction to Docker containers and how you can deploy containers on your own host. Throughout the course we’ll take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to help you quickly grow from a beginner to a seasoned user.

The training is conducted by an experienced consultant from Praqma. Praqma has great experience in helping different companies with the practical implementation of their development process based on modern techniques and tools. The training language and the material will be in English.

You’re eligible to enroll for free, if you are either a student or an unemployed recent graduate in a software development discipline. You just need to register and bring your laptop!

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