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Why should you attend?

DevOps is about creating a culture where everyone is aligned towards the goal of helping the business to win. Continuous Delivery is a big part of achieving this. You need a great deal of automation in the development process: build, deployment, monitoring, and of course test automation. Having said that, manual testing is not an optional extra, and testing skills are really valuable in the development team. In fact, testing is a central activity for making the whole process work.

Content of the course

This course focuses on the place of Testing in Continuous Delivery. It’s a chance for you to explore where to put testing activities in your deployment pipeline. We’ll talk about how a DevOps culture impacts testers, automation, and hardware needs. There is also a chance to consider what metrics are good to use to guide your DevOps adoption and test automation efforts.

Planned learning outcomes

  • Test pyramid and relative merits of different kinds of tests
  • How to set up a strategy for testing in the Continuous Delivery pipeline
  • What TDD is and how it differs from simply unit testing
  • Understanding that test automation is crucial to successful Continuous Delivery
  • Some useful testing techniques to reduce maintenance costs
  • How the various DevOps practices affect testing activities, skills and hardware needs
  • The difference between monitoring the testing progress in CD compared with a more traditional waterfall process
  • Key metrics to use

We’ll be discussing testing strategy at a fairly high level, not designing the specific strategy for one team or product. Participants will not need advanced programming skills, but previous experience working with test automation is beneficial.

Attendees are welcome to bring questions or challenges from their own background.

Course Facts

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One day

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Mix of theory and hands-on exercises

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Test leads, Test managers, Lead developers, Architects, Operations engineers, Information Security experts

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Malmö, or on-site.