Atlassian JIRA Administrator Training

One Day intensive hands-on training

The course is run as a mixture of theory and hands-on exercises. It provides participants with sufficient knowledge of the different strategies, tools and techniques in Atlassian’s JIRA to take on the role as JIRA administrator.

Participants will get a guided tour of how JIRA is organized and get hands-on experience working with JIRA and the various functions and tasks relevant to JIRA administrators.

Get solid understanding of:

  • Configurable components involved in creating and managing JIRA projects.
  • Relationships and dependencies in JIRA configuration
  • How JIRA is configured effectively from scratch
  • Efficient maintenance of configurations in the future

Learn about general JIRA project administrator tasks such as

  • Adapting project details
  • Customization and configuration of workflows
  • Customization of fields
  • Creating new projects and dashboards
  • Troubleshooting etc.

We will cover

  • User management and permissions
  • Different types of schemes they work with
  • Best practices for managing user access to different types of projects

At the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively manage multiple JIRA projects using best practices and avoid common pitfalls and possess adequate knowledge to manage JIRA projects.



One day


JIRA Administrators


This class has plenty of hands-on exercises to familiarize you with the different functions and tasks relevant for JIRA administrators


Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo - or on-site