Jenkins CI Plugin Development

One-day hands-on class

This training will teach you how to extend Jenkins CI with your own plugins:

  • A guided tour in the Jenkins CI object model
  • Recognize the extension points that you can use to make Jenkins do anything you want it to
  • The different phases in the Jenkins job life cycle; poll, pre-build, build and post-build
  • Which plugin types and extension points goes where.

The attendees will learn and understand:

  • The object model of Jenkins CI and how to extend it
  • A thorough understanding of the most common and useful extension point in Jenkins
  • Developing, testing and debugging Jenkins CI plugins
  • The Jenkins CI community jargon and what is expected from you when you start contributing
  • Where to find more help and guidance



One day


Software developers with some Java experience


Use this training to jump-start your Jenkins CI Plugin development


Plenty of hands-on exercises that familiarizes you with the Jenkins CI object model and the most commonly used extension points


Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo - or on-site