Inspire your leadership team with a Continuous Delivery and DevOps seminar

Our job in Praqma is to help organizations change. We have helped hundreds of companies become more effective and successful in the way they work by coaching at all levels of the organization. In this capacity we have identified that our most successful clients had one key thing in common: buy-in and commitment for change throughout the leadership team.

The most common questions we get from leadership concerning Continuous Delivery implementation are :

  • “How do we decide where to start?”,
  • “What’s the benefit of this particular practice?”
  • “How do I get the team on board?”

We created the Continuous Delivery and DevOps Seminar as a tool to help our clients build a collective vision of where to improve their approaches.

A Continuous Delivery and DevOps Seminar consists of two main parts:

  • Morning: The Pep Talk
  • Afternoon: The workshop

The Pep Talk

  • Introduction to Continuous Delivery – A pragmatic implementation of agile principles
    What is continuous delivery and what’s the link to the principles of agile development?
  • A typical Continuous Delivery implementation
    An introduction to concepts such as; pipelines, tool-stacks, branching strategies, code metrics, testing strategies, traceability, and much more.
  • The Continuous Delivery Maturity Model
    We will go through the different signs that indicate maturity within the disciplines of Continuous Delivery.
  • Real-life implementations
    Presentation of a number of concrete real-life implementations.
  • The business case for Continuous Delivery
    A discussion of the most obvious factors contributing to the business case for continuous delivery; Quality assurance, coherent workflow, resource utilization, predictability, visibility, ROI etc.
  • Preparing the organization for the Continuous Delivery approach
    Organizational changes - An evolution instead of a revolution.

The workshop

In the workshop, we play a variety of games to find out what is important to your organization. The objective is to discover the priorities based on your particular context.

We’ve learned to recognize various signs indicating different levels of ‘continuous delivery maturity’ and have used them to create a model. At Praqma, we are all very engaged in Continuous Delivery and find the model incredibly useful when discussing with clients, colleagues, user groups, companions, audiences etc. We use this model as the basis for the workshop.

Read more about the model

Course Facts

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One day

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Seminar and team workshop

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C-level executives, R&D Managers, Project Managers, System Architects, and Test-, Build- & Configuration Managers and senior technologists

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Malmö, or on-site.

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