Inspire your leadership team with a Continuous Delivery and DevOps seminar

This seminar will show you how to make strategic choices in recruitment, training, organization, culture, and technology to best situate an organization for success in DevOps.

You will learn about the roots of DevOps through the history of software, and how DevOps is the realization of the promise of Agile. Then we will show you how to build from your existing resources and grow the skills and capabilities internally in your organization to win in the new DevOps paradigm.

Seminar outline

  • What is DevOps?
  • The Business Case for DevOps
  • Cultural and Organization Changes
  • Strategies for Successful Transformation

How this seminar can help your organization

Praqma has helped hundreds of companies become more effective and successful with DevOps by coaching at all levels of the organization. In this capacity, we have identified that our most successful clients had one key thing in common: commitment for change throughout the leadership team. This seminar is the way to get a common understanding of DevOps, and get the whole team on board to implement change.

Read more about the meaning and benefits of DevOps.

Course Facts

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Half a day

A Graduation Hat


Seminar with time for questions and discussions

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C-level, Executives, R&D, Project or QA Managers, and similar profiles

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Malmö, or on-site.