Get the DevOps mindset for your team

DevOps is about creating a culture where everyone is aligned towards the goal of helping the business to win. This course will equip you with the understanding of DevOps and how it can deliver on the promise of agile business value.

Course Content

This course will help you understand DevOps from a business perspective. You will learn how DevOps can improve IT performance, the key practices required, and the challenges faced when adopting DevOps.

You will get an introduction to concepts, such as tool-stacks, infrastructure architecture, pipelines, code metrics, observability, and much more.

We will go through the different signs that indicate maturity within the disciplines of Continuous Delivery and DevOps, and how to make strategic choices in recruitment, training, organization, culture, and technology to best situate an organization for success in DevOps.

The course will show you how to build from your existing resources and grow the skills and capabilities internally in your organization to win in the new DevOps paradigm.

Detailed Description

  • Introduction to the principles and practices of DevOps
  • Your organization, Conway’s Law and organizational change
  • Diagnosing an organization with Value Stream Mapping
  • Measuring DevOps and the State of DevOps report
  • Key technologies and practices

Planned Learning Outcomes

After this course you will:

  • Know the cultural and technical practices involved in DevOps
  • Understand how your organization is impacting your performance
  • Understand how your value stream can be improved with DevOps
  • Know the key measures to evaluate and benchmark your IT performance

Course Facts

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One day

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System Architects, and Test-, Build- & Configuration Managers and technologists

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