Get the Continuous Delivery mindset for developers

When getting started is the hard part

You probably have the same goals as us: a streamlined, low-friction development process. But sometimes it is hard to decide how to make that a reality.

Common questions we get from teams starting with Continuous Delivery are:

  • “What branching strategy should we use?”
  • “How do we automate this thing?”
  • “What is the right development process for our team?”
  • “Is this tool right for us?”

We created the Continuous Delivery and DevOps kickstart

The kickstart is a tool to help our clients understand the techniques of Continuous Delivery and how to apply them.

A Continuous Delivery and DevOps Seminar consists of two main parts:

  • Morning: Continuous Delivery in a nutshell
  • Afternoon: Implementing Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery in a nutshell

  • Introduction to continuous delivery – A pragmatic implementation of agile principles
    What is continuous delivery and what’s the link to the principles of agile development?

  • A typical continuous delivery implementation
    An introduction to concepts such as; pipelines, tool-stacks, branching strategies, code metrics, testing strategies, traceability, and much more.

  • The Continuous Delivery Maturity Model
    We will go through the different signs that indicate maturity within the disciplines of Continuous Delivery.

  • The tool landscape
    A survey of the tools available to aid the software development process. We will discuss the different areas tools operate in, their strengths and weaknesses, and where we see the industry going.

The workshop

In the workshop we take a look at your current practices and find out what is important to your team.
We construct a value stream of your development process and identify the tools and techniques that we would recommend to your context.

Course Facts

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One day

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Theory and team workshop

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System Architects, and Test-, Build- & Configuration Managers and technologists

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Malmö, or on-site.

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