Test Automation Consultant

Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are strong trends in our industry and consultants with Eficode Praqma provide expert advice in this field

We at Eficode Praqma have a strong collaborative culture and invest heavily in developing our people. As a Test Automation Consultant, you will collaborate and consult with some of the leading businesses in Scandinavia.

Our business model is not like your average resource consultancy, we pride ourselves on providing consultants with deep expertise as engineers, but who also come as part of a team.

About the position

We are looking for a test automation professional to join our talented team in Gothenburg. If you are familiar with test automation tools and have a passion for agile methods and modern technologies, this is definitely a position to consider.

As a test automation consultant your job is to advance our customers’ software production processes and help them to improve their competitiveness. How? By developing and implementing novel test automation and continuous delivery solutions in various software production environments. Cases and projects vary, which provides you a lot of opportunities to learn.

Absorbing new cases on short notice is easy for you. You perceive your role quickly and communicate fluently with clients. You are someone who actively takes part in corporate training and gets along with people easily.

Besides this, we are looking for a great colleague to be a part of our small team of consultants. We have all different specialities, and it is possible to grow in different directions. You will contribute to our team activities on Fridays at the office, while you can also take the opportunity to keep learning and developing yourself.

Finest people of Praqma and Eficode

Skills and experience

  • 2 - 5 years of experience with test automation
  • Basic understanding of CI/CD - eg. you are able to work and maintain systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, Travis CI, etc.
  • Programming skills, preferably in multiple programming languages. Understanding and experience in scripting (e.g. Ruby, Bash, Python, Perl and Ant)
  • Understanding of test automation tools (like Robot Framework, Cucumber or other)
  • Understanding of agile software development methods
  • Previous working experience of corresponding tasks
  • Good competency in English

The successful candidate will join our team in Gothenburg. We have interesting and challenging customer assignments waiting for the right people, and a wealth of support and experience to draw on from the other Eficode Praqma offices across Europe.

Your new team

We are passionate about learning and we believe in our collaborative culture. At the Gothenburg office we take for granted that you should be able to learn at work and to grow together with your colleagues. To achieve this we aim for spending one day a week on ourselves, the team and on collaboration with other teams in the organization. We encourage employees to read books such as Getting Naked and The Unicorn Project. If you don’t own a copy, no problem, you are free to use the office library or we will get you an audio version.

We are looking forward to your application! Please send your CV together with a cover letter via this platform describing your achievements and why you would be a perfect fit for the role!

For more information about the role, please contact Samuel Ytterbrink for Gothenburg. We are looking forward to your application!

About the way we work

We’re not just an IT consultancy. We focus on the technical side of Agile and Continuous Delivery - the art of delivering software quickly, safely, and sustainably. Our aim is to change the world by sharing our knowledge and building communities.

We want to be a magnet for the best and brightest people in software. That’s why we work with cutting edge technologies as well as being a dedicated open source contributor. It’s also why our culture is so important to us. We believe in open communication, flat organization and cross-company collaboration. These are the promises we make to each other every day.

Our clients are ambitious, want to improve, and are actively asking for us to help them. We help organizations sharpen their axes, and we believe there is no better way to build a career. Our employees go on to build excellent professional reputations. We want to give our people every opportunity to achieve their full potential, and to change the world along the way.

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Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are strong trends in our industry and consultants with Eficode Praqma provide expert advice in this field

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Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are strong trends in our industry and consultants with Eficode Praqma provide expert advice in this field