Published on March 4, 2016

Praqma's partnership with Atlassian

A given partnership between toolsuite and consultants

Praqma is a leading expert on all matters of Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and agile development, so engaging in an Expert Partnership with Atlassian was a given

The cooperation makes Praqma one of just 14 Atlassian Expert Partners in Scandinavia, and as a diverse consulting house, we are happy to be able to offer our clients certified support on the entire Atlassian tool suite

About Atlassian

Atlassian, Inc. is an enterprise software company that develops a suite of products supporting the whole product development process targeted at software developers. Atlassian Expert Partners are a selected group of service partners who specialize in the full Atlassian portfolio from enterprise solutions, custom plugin development, or custom fitted training and workshops covering the entire Atlassian tool suite.

Atlassian is the new black

The affiliation with one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies is a natural move in Praqma’s constant strive to accommodate our clients’ needs, as well as offering support on the most innovative software development tools currently available. Praqma has extensive experience with providing Atlassian support in small, mid-size as well as enterprise organizations and we offer strategic consultancy, custom development, training, enterprise solutions, installation, performance tuning, and Service Level Agreement-based operational support and maintenance.

Praqma supports the Atlassian community

The team at Praqma is enthusiastic about both tools and the people who use them, so we support the Scandinavian Atlassian community through activities like hosting events and meetups. This enables us to facilitate best practice as well as accelerate the adoption and knowledge of the Atlassian tool suite.

Let us help you

With extensive Atlassian knowledge and expertise, we offer full-service assistance tailored to our clients’ needs on the entire Atlassian tool suite. We offer consultancy, plugin development, training, support, and migration to Git and Stash from SVN, ClearCase, etc.

As a certified Atlassian Expert Partner we provide the following services for the Atlassian suite:

Continuous Delivery & Agile development with Atlassian tools

  • Continuous Delivery & Agile coaching and training

Installation & customization

  • We’ll help you get started and set up your tools to fit your specific workflow

Introduction & training

  • We offer both custommade and standardized on-site training as well as workshops

Plug-in development

  • Let us help you extend the functionality of your Atlassian tools

Strategic consultancy

  • We´ll be your ‘trusted advisor’ on all matters of the Atlassian tool suite

Connectors to other applications

  • We can help you get the most out of your applications by linking them to your existing tool-suite


  • Migrate your version control system (e.g from Subversion to Git)

Operation, maintenance and support (Service Level Agreement)

  • Let us take care of your tools so you can focus on your core business.

Performance investigations and tuning

  • We can help you maintain a well oiled setup even when the complexity of your installation increases

The Atlassian toolsuite:

  • Bamboo
  • JIRA, JIRA Agile, and JIRA Service Desk
  • Confluence
  • Stash
  • Crucible
  • Crowd
  • Fisheye
  • Team Calendars

We are confident that your business will benefit from our expertise and the tools we work with

Book a free consultation here

- and let’s meet for a cup of coffee and a taste of your future success!

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