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GitHub - Our new best friend!

Partnering up with GitHub is a dream come true

Git, the Open Source distributed VCS, has surely been one of the largest game changers in modern software development. But another one, maybe even bigger than git itself, is GitHub -

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Continuous Delivery Academy

A free four-day training course for students

Are you a student or a recent graduate looking to start a career in software? Do you feel like you still have a few things to learn before you’re ready for the world of professional software development?

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Using Packer-azure plugin to build and deploy Azure images

Provision Windows images with Packer tool

In this article, I’ll explain how to provision Windows images with Packer, deploy them to Azure and spin up virtual machines based on them. I hope this article will be helpful for those who want to migrate to Azure and automate image deployment.

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Praqma's partnership with Atlassian

A given partnership between toolsuite and consultants

Praqma is a leading expert on all matters of Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and agile development, so engaging in an Expert Partnership with Atlassian was a given

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CoDe Café

Imagine a 2 hour hackaton at a cosy café

We’re experimenting with finding the right format for informal after-work tech gatherings.

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A Pragmatic Workflow

A workflow automated and optimized for simplicity

Imagine a workflow so sophisticated, that you couldn’t break the integration branch even if you tried. And at the same time you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else than your terminal and your favorite IDE to manage issues, promotions and deploys.

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Dockerized Jenkins environment

A solution which is easy to deploy

Once, during a discussion about optimizing DevOps processes, we realized it would be great to have a Jenkins template setup as a container solution.

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Top Jenkins plugins

A list of pragmatic plugins for pupils and pros alike.

In bygone times, Praqma composed a list of useful Jenkins plugins to spice up your CI life with. However, 2013 is ancient history and we’ve decided that our list is long overdue for a refreshing rewrite.

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LinkChecker - Dockerized

The reason for dockerizing LinkChecker is to facilitate Praqma’s Gijeli set-up and produce reports for web projects. There are other Docker images of LinkChecker out there, but we find them lacking when it comes to entertaining stable automated builds.

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LinkChecker - Jekyll flavor

UPDATE: Updated alongside the parser, now picks up warnings with newlines in their messages.

This parser is designed to parse the CSV output from LinkChecker. It assumes that the source of the website that is being parsed is available in the _site directory of the workspace. _site is the Jekyll default, but it can be overridden.

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Automated Jenkins Plugin documentation

Jenkins plugin developers - let’s look at our documentation process around the plugins. It needs improvements! Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate more of the release process related to documentation?

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