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Report from Git Merge 2017

Blogging from the Git Merge Conference at The Egg in Brussels

Praqma is at the spot (called the Egg) in Brussels, when GitHub invites Gitters and geeks from all of Europe to come together in 2 full days, where the entire world turns around just Git. We will be blogging from the scene for the next two days.

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Proxying Docker containers with Traefik

A peak into the new world of service discovery

Traefik is a reverse proxy and is especially useful when running containers. In this blogpost, we will look at how we can proxy a Jenkins container running on a Docker host through Traefik and how we then can deploy an Artifactory container as well, on the same port, but on another subdomain.

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VMware API Scripting

Infrastructure as code with vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere is widely used for virtualization in the enterprise. Thus you may face the task of managing infrastructure on this platform and of course this should be done as code. This post will give you a jumpstart into scripting the vSphere API.

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The Continuous Delivery Alliance

Now open to all, no more membership fees

For a couple of years now, we’ve been running Josra; Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance. The members have produced some pretty awesome open source projects together.

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Trust in Docker Images

Can you really trust your Docker images?

Just pulling a Docker image from the Docker Hub is like pulling an arbitrary binary blob from somewhere, and without really knowing what’s in it, execute it, and hope for the best!

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The Bonnie Situation

A bloody yet edifying story about consultancy

This is the bloody but ultimately edifying tale about “The Bonnie Situation”; I use this story as a metaphor for what consultancy is all about - solving problems. You’ll be introduced to Mr. Wolf - ‘Winston’ for those on first name terms - and you will see why we consider him a role model for any consultant.

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Get your orange wings

The onboarding process at Praqma

So, you’re considering joining the Praqma tribe? Cool, We’re looking forward to hear from you! Here’s a short description on how we usually run our interview and onboarding process.

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CoDe Academy Copenhagen 2016

The Copenhagen CoDe Academy 2016 got off to a flying start. 100 final year software engineering students signed up to learn about our modern Continuous Delivery methods, and they got what they asked for.

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Building Android aosp in Docker

Dockerizing different environments is becoming more and more popular. We got the idea to make an environment that would allow us to build Android aosp for any target in a Docker container. As a foundation, we decide to build Android Marshmallow (6.0.1) for Nexus9.

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