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Working at Praqma

Breaking the rules of consulting

We do things that seem crazy from the perspective of traditional IT consultancies. We are not crazy, but just in case you think we are, let me explain why we do things differently.

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Imagine all the people

No developer is an island

Developers love writing code because they get to invent things. But someone else has to use the code, operate it and even pay for it.

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The consultant's oath

Leave no legacy code behind

We all complain about Legacy Code. We are limited by the leftovers from previous developers. But are we not guilty ourselves of leaving Legacy Code behind?

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Turning 40

Praqma is turning a sharp corner in high speed

Praqma is turning 40 - at the age of nine. Looking back it seems like it has been a relative slow start, but at this point we’re moving at the speed of 2+ employees per month.

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Thin-shell Repositories in git

Managing versioned source level dependencies

Splitting dependencies is the holy grail in software. Breaking up a monolith into reusable components and services changes everything, including approaches to version control

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Technical Coach with Praqma

High hopes this will be my most fun job yet

The life of a consultant has drawn me back, but perhaps surprisingly, this time it’s not a return to my one-person firm.

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Report from Git Merge 2017

Blogging from the Git Merge Conference at The Egg in Brussels

Praqma is at the spot (called the Egg) in Brussels, when GitHub invites Gitters and geeks from all of Europe to come together in 2 full days, where the entire world turns around just Git. We will be blogging from the scene for the next two days.

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Proxying Docker containers with Traefik

A peak into the new world of service discovery

Traefik is a reverse proxy and is especially useful when running containers. In this blogpost, we will look at how we can proxy a Jenkins container running on a Docker host through Traefik and how we then can deploy an Artifactory container as well, on the same port, but on another subdomain.

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VMware API Scripting

Infrastructure as code with vSphere 6.5

VMware vSphere is widely used for virtualization in the enterprise. Thus you may face the task of managing infrastructure on this platform and of course this should be done as code. This post will give you a jumpstart into scripting the vSphere API.

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