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How to make your software obvious

Developers hate wasting time on documentation. We all wish there was less of it. This article shows you how to cut documentation down to the absolute minimum by following a few key development principles.

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Day of Jenkins Gothenburg

An interactive Jenkins showcase

The conference calendar for software developers in Gothenburg is quite frankly, a little sparse. So I was delighted when Praqma decided to hold one of their hands-on “Day of…” events here. This time it was Continuous Integration, and Jenkins in particular, on the agenda.

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Introducing OctoCop; a Director for Docker

Stop bothering your IT administrators each time you want to launch a new service

OctoCop Directory for Docker or OCDD for short is a tool to make the life of IT administrators easy in situations when CoDers want to setup a CoDe (Continuous Delivery) server.

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The 6th Gathering in CoDe Alliance

Back to the roots - roadmapping open software together

CoDe Alliance members - the ambitious Praqma customers - met once again to discuss common challenges related to continuous delivery and to jointly groom roadmaps of existing open software, as well as sketch out new software solutions for truly generic problems.

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Land of confusion

Getting control of your development environment

Most people have good days at work and not so good days. A good day is when you get to produce code. A bad day is when you spend all your time just figuring out what is going on.

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