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State of the Alliance

Continuous Delivery Alliance - Prepare to launch some rockets!

This November the Continuous Delivery Alliance gathers for the 7th time. Do you want to join forces with some of the best people in the world of Continuous Delivery and collaborate on the next generation of tools? Then join the Alliance!

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Git Phlow

An automated release train, operated directly from my shell?

Imagine a workflow so sophisticated
that you couldn’t break the integration branch even if you tried. And imagine being able to manage all of the issues, promotions, and deploys without leaving your terminal.

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Deploying Jenkins on Kubernetes

A setup for working with Windows build slaves

Installation and management of CI servers is a critical task for any IT team. Kubernetes and its package manager (Helm) provide an easy way to customize Jenkins installations. Let’s see how to do this and add Windows build slaves.

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Learning at Praqma

Praqma - The Knowledge Company

In the past we had all kinds of software specialists: requirements specialists, build specialists, configuration management specialists, and test specialists. Those days are over. We are now in the age of the Full Stack Developer.

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Live from Dockercon EU17 Day 3

Follow our updates from the conference on Day 3

Third day of DockerCon is already started, and it is still going strong. Follow this post to get the latest updates from this cool event, and read what has happened on Day 1 and Day 2.

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Live from Dockercon Europe 2017

Follow our updates from the conference

DockerCon is rolling full steam ahead these days in Copenhagen, and Praqma is there with an awesome pack of consultants. Follow this post to get the latest update from this cool event.

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Community Leaders Summit

The grand opening of DockerCon 2017

It’s early morning on the day before the official opening of DockerCon ‘17. Pre-conference activities are buzzing, but one room is different; Outside this room a breakfast buffet is set up - and it’s good. Whoever is invited here is in for a treat.

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Testing with Swedish Personal Numbers

Fictitious people that might get real - and sue you!

Finding realistic data for testing is often a headache, and a good strategy is often to fabricate it. But what if your randomly generated data turns out to belong to a real person? What if they complain and you get fined 4% of global turnover?!

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Kubernetes on Windows

A verdict on adding Windows minions to Kubernetes clusters in AWS

As of Kubernetes 1.5, Windows containers support was introduced in an alpha release. With the beta version just around the corner, we put the Windows support to the test. Is it mature enough for production environments?

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Survival of the Fittest

Evolution in the CI ecosystem

The CI ecosystem is rapidly changing. Adapting isn’t compulsory, but neither is survival. Can the dinosaurs evolve or will they be outmatched by new species?

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CoDe Stockholm 2017

Inspiring approaches to Continuous Delivery & DevOps

The Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference took place in Stockholm for the third time. It brought together scientists, thought leaders, and practitioners to share their experiences and thoughts on CoDe and DevOps.

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DevOps is here to stay

Reactions to the 2017 CoDe and DevOps conference in CPH

This year’s Continuous Delivery & DevOps conference in Copenhagen showed that these practices are here to stay. Now we need the DevOps mindset to take root in the whole organization.

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Why DevOps matters

And how to start your journey

Software is eating the world. People are told they need DevOps, but what is it exactly and what does it mean? This post helps you get your DevOps facts straight.

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How to track Sass files when using Jekyll

Don’t let Jekyll hide files from you anymore

Jekyll automatically handles wrapping and compiling Sass into Css. That would be fine if it did not delete the source map and made it completely impossible to navigate back - Let’s see how to fix this!

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CoDe Academy, from student to teacher

Falling in love with Everything as Code and Automation

Only a year ago, I was a CoDe Academy student learning about Git, Docker and Jenkins. This year I’m teaching Docker to 24 students at CoDe Academy 2017 in Aarhus.

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