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Jenkins Configuration as Code

Automating an Automation Server

Job DSL or scripted/declarative pipelines are becoming the standard when it comes to defining jobs in Jenkins. Now we need a similar solution to maintain Jenkins itself.

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A Continuous Delivery storyline

How we tell the Continuous Delivery story

A developer that pushes their changes and goes on a celebratory walk to the water cooler is done. But, they’re not done done, their changes have yet to be thoroughly tested, added to future release notes, properly peer reviewed and more. These are pains we want to rid the software industry of, and here’s how we do it.

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Pre-tested Integration

Back to the basis of CI

Continuous Integration is now synonymous with having a server set up to build and test any change submitted to a central repository. But this isn’t the only way, or even how CI used to work. What did we do before DVCSs and Jenkins?

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CoDe Alliance goes code camp

Continuously improving our format

We strive to continuously improve, so the 8th gathering in our Continuous Delivery Alliance will feature all the good things from the 7th meeting in a slightly evolved format.

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The 7th gathering

What’s next for the CoDe Alliance?

We had our 7th gathering in the CoDe Alliance a few months ago and have worked to distill and evolve many of the good ideas that came out of our sessions. Our aim is to turn our interesting discussions into tangible projects and running code.

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Concourse vs. Jenkins

An in-depth comparison of two CI/CD servers

What do we need from a CI/CD system? How should we decide which one to use? In this blog we ask ourselves what a modern CI/CD system should look like and compare two commonly used build systems: Jenkins pipelines and Concourse CI.

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Jenkins quiet startup

Preventing Jenkins from running jobs after a restart

You don’t always want Jenkins to start running jobs right after it starts. Sadly, starting up in a dormant state isn’t a built-in feature, unless you’re running CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. However, there’s little a clever script can’t solve.

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10 years

A trip down memory lane

10 years ago, Praqma started, not in a garage, but in a posh apartment in the Copenhagen city center. Soon it became apparent that the dot-com bubble had already burst and it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

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Atlassian Accelerator Day in CPH

A day to learn how to scale fast and upgrade without downtime

Albert Rigo shares his thoughts on the Atlassian Accelerator Day in Copenhagen, and how he learned to quickly and comfortably scale Atlassian Data Center, upgrade with zero downtime and stop spending his weekends upgrading JIRA.

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The Eiffel Summit report

Follow our blog from the 2017 Eiffel Summit

Let’s talk about Eiffel - the traceability protocol, not the programming language. As we are attending the Eiffel Summit, we let you in on how the big companies work with traceability, and on the latest collaborative projects.

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