Published on September 24, 2016

Get your orange wings

The on-boarding process at Praqma

So, you’re considering joining the Praqma tribe? Cool, We’re looking forward to hear from you! Here’s a short description on how we usually run our interview and onboarding process.

Whether you’re applying for an open job position, applying for an internship or approaching us unsolicited - it makes sense to read this post to the end

All our open positions are listed here on our website. If you want to apply for an internship, you probably want to read about our approach to Praqticums if you think that you have something to offer, and wanna be orange like the rest of us, but you can’t see, that we have posted a vacant position that matches, then feel free to challenge us; send us an unsolicited application. We value initiative.

We establish contact and mutual interest in each other

This is typically where you contact us, well sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s not really important. What is important is that we’re a good fit for each other. We’re proud of the culture and values we have in Praqma, but it’s not like there exist a certain Praqma culture that you’re supposed to morph your self into. The culture is made of the people we are, and if you join our tribe, you will become part of the culture - not adapt to it, but influence it - with you!

Obviously we’re interested in your skills, experiences and interests, but we’re also interested in seeing, if you’re interested in us. If there is a match.

When you apply for a job or an internship, we expect two things from you (both in .pdf format):

  • A CV
  • A motivational letter

The CV is obviously there to give us an idea of your current level of experience and skills.

Even if you’re young or newly educated, don’t be embarrassed by your lean CV; We know how it works, experience comes with age and work. We take on a lot of young people and we even take on people who are experienced in other domains, to mold and paint them orange.

We’re a people’s company - it’s very much about who you are, not just what you are.

That is why you must also send us a motivational letter.

A letter where you put yourself in the context of Praqma and explain to us, why this job has your name written all over it. You motivational letter shall show us who you are, and it shall show us that you know things about Praqma, that convince us that you have an idea of what you’re going into.

Think of it like this: You want us to like you - and we want you to like us back. It helps if you can show us some genuine interest in Praqma when you apply.

We will read you motivational letter before your CV - so be motivated!

We don’t hire no one on their CV alone. So if a CV is all we get, or even if your motivational letter isn’t presented in context of Praqma. Then it’s not likely that we will call you in for an interview.

No due dates - we will hire you when we’ve found you

Please note, that our job openings most often don’t have a due date; We will hire you when we’ve found you! We have had open positions, where we hired the first applicant the day after the job was listed, and we have had job openings that’s been online for years; Not because we can’t find anyone, but because we need more people that fits the bill.

Currently we’re hiring at the speed of 1.5 new colleague per month. So don’t sit on it - send your application today!

If we’re good for each other we will take the next step.

We meet for an interview

When you meet us, we will go into depth with what Praqma is, how we work, and we will discuss how you like that way of working and together we will explore if there is that match between us. We might talk concrete upcoming assignments, but we will definitely tell you war stories from some of our existing clients. It’s not that we will try to scare you off, but then again, if anything we say scares you, then it’s good to get it out in the open: Fail early is an important doctrine within CoDe.

Towards the end of such an interview we also touch on the topic: Salary expectation, so please give that a thought as well.

If, after such an interview - actually sometimes several interviews - we still want to continue with each other, we might give you some homework.

Plan the onboarding

Our business is run as a fully self-sustained business, no heavy investors, we’re not sitting on a pile of money. Most of our revenue is invested back into the company, the past two years we’ve grown more than 100% per year. What that means is that we might sometimes see, that we have found the absolute right candidate for Praqma, but we currently don’t have the capacity to put them on the payroll, since we would also have to put them on the bench.

Occasionally we ask people to sit tight in their current jobs (we call them sleepers) and wait for us to call upon them. Sometimes if we’re talking Praqma prospects; people we need to mold or train a little bit in our knowledge domain, we would often taken them in immediately and have them working internally in our CoDe mines or Open Source projects, to learn how to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Salary and pay raises

Many people change job, simply to get a pay raise.

We don’t believe you should join Praqma to get a better salary. We do believe in pay raises, but if we shall give anyone a pay raise, it’s because they earned it - with us. When you start with Praqma, we will typically be prepared to match the salary you had in your previous job. But if you come from a really boring job, we also sometimes see, that you are compensated for boredom - with a high salary.

But Praqma is not boring - and it has actually happened a few times, that people will have to settle back to the salary level for an exciting job, and then work their way up from there, while with us.

We strive to support, that whatever career path you see for yourself, we want to enable you to thread that path inside Praqma. Every employee will meet with management in a personal evaluation at least once every year. The expectation is that - like Praqma in general - you too will grow, while in Praqma. Your responsibilities will expand and when you grow you become more valuable too - you will typically get an annual pay raise while you’re with us.

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