Atlassian JIRA Administrators course at Nordea

case study

With great appreciation for the collaboration in the ‘JIRA for administrators’ course!

“I would like to appreciate from the very beginning the good collaboration we have had during this small project/assignment we have developed together. In my opinion it was the good communication and the openness from both sides that helped a lot in achieving this. In terms of availability, it was always comfortable to know that I will get an answer to my questions and requests in good time, considering my part-time position (limited amount of hours in the office) and also the high expectations my managers had regarding this project.

The course itself was a success from my perspective because it helped in reaching my goals: to get the specific knowledge needed to become a JIRA Administrator for the internal environment in Nordea, and to understand the big picture and the implications of JIRA architectural choices when designing a solution or project in JIRA.

The personal approach helped a lot, mainly because we were three participants with different areas of interest and also with different needs. In this way Praqma was the right company for this. Their efforts to give us a good understanding of the JIRA aspects to consider when being an administrator, are more to appreciate, since the course we have been offered wasn’t a standard one – it is not Praqma’s main activity – but a tailored solution for the need I had.

Lastly, I need to mention that it was very helpful that Praqma already had contact with the Atlassian development team from Nordea (devtools), making the agenda-creation process way easier for me, the recipient of the course. My need for certification of my current and acquired competences in JIRA Administrator environment, in order to be given the JIRA System Administrator role in the internal Nordea – setup of JIRA, was also successfully fulfilled, through the certificate of participation Praqma has issued for me”.

I am happy to say that organizing and taking part at this course was a very important experience in my personal development process, and I can only wish to anyone in the field to be lucky enough to find such nice and open persons as the ones I have been in contact with from Praqma.