Published on August 17, 2017

The Malmö office is now open

Praqma settles in southern Sweden

Praqma Malmö is now officially open, and we’re throwing a party! Drop by, have a drink, have a chat, get to know us!

It all started ten years ago, when a couple of crazy Danes dreamt of a different kind of consultancy bureau. One that provides more than just temporary work capacity or “wood choppers”. One that delivers experts, guides and “axe sharpeners”. One where consultants are true colleagues, helping each other, working together and coming back to the home office often, rather being left well-nigh forgotten at a customer site.

Today, that dream is alive and kicking. It’s called Praqma, and it’s growing. It has spread all over Scandinavia, attracting all kinds of Continuous Delivery experts. And now it’s finally here, in the south of Sweden.

Breaking the rules of consulting

Take heed, we’re not just any consultancy company setting up shop in Malmö. Working at, and working with, Praqma really is something different.

We’re Continuous Delivery specialists. Our ambitious customers rely on us for coaching, training, tooling, migrations and much, much more. Our seasoned veterans and young talent team up to tackle the impossibly wide variety of challenges that come with setting up the perfect Continuous Delivery pipeline. We take the ‘team up’ part pretty seriously. “Buy a consultant, get a team” is part of our creed, after all.

But our work doesn’t end with customers. We want to change the world… of software development. Giving back to the community is a big part of what Praqma is all about. We host various meetups, conferences and public training courses, including our annual week-long CoDe Academies, where we train ambitious students and graduates in all things Continuous Delivery for free.

Why Malmö?

Malmö is a place of opportunity with many spirited prospects and potential customers. We have many friends here that are just slightly too far away from Copenhagen. A Malmö office bridges that gap far better than the Øresund ever could.


The new office is fully operational and cozy. We decided to celebrate by throwing a summer party!

On the 25th of August, drinks, pølse and jovial company will be aplenty. Come say hi, have a drink, stick around for a chat. Just remember to sign up!

Let's party

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