Published on November 30, 2018
Author Henrik Hoegh

How to install a Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher

A video guide to setup a highly available on-premise Kubernetes Cluster

Setting up an on-premise highly available Kubernetes cluster comes with many challenges. Rancher can help build a production grade cluster. Watch our Certified Kubernetes Administrator Henrik Hoegh set up a cluster and test the deployment.

In this video I will show you how to go from zero to cluster, by provisioning machines and creating a cluster with those virtual machines.

I will be using KVM and libvirt to provision machines locally, and the Rancher Kubernetes Engine to create the Kubernetes cluster.

Managing the cluster will be handled by adding the cluster to a Rancher Server. With the cluster up and running I will show how to use the Praqma Network Multi Tool to test that the cluster works as intended.

I want to show how little effort is needed to get a Kubernetes cluster running, on premise, in a highly available configuration using state of the art tools.

Author: Henrik Hoegh

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