Published on May 22, 2017
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Live from GitHub Satellite 2017

Liveblogging from the conference

We attended GitHub Satellite with a strong Praqma crew. Follow this post to get the latest update from this awesome event.

This blog has multiple authors and is updated continuously, during the conference - stay tunes - keep coming back”.

What the future holds

We have arrived at The Printworks. We seem to have wound up in an industrial quarter, but there are excellent streetfood carts that give us the breakfast that we needed.

We’re settled for the opening keynote. 21 million developers authorized on GitHub daily working on 59 million software projects.

The founder of GitHub tells us that “Our numbers are bigger than what we are told are the entire industry. So we don’t know what is going on out there”.

He tells us about integrations in Unity and Visual Studio, it is about meeting the developers where they are.

Opening Keynote “Microsoft has… I don’t know how to say this. Microsoft has been killed and replaced by a clone that is much more friendly to open source”.

This seems to be true experience based on the last few years.

GitHub is seeing a lot of companies, even Fortune 500 ones, writing their internal applications in Electron. That’s cool. I’m really looking forward to the workshop tomorrow!

When they introduced their API everything returned HTTP 200 OK, the status code was a part of the body. They even had YAML endpoints! Now they actually see more API traffic than UI traffic.


Defunkt - I Tried To Live Alone

Keynote is kicked of by founder of GitHub Chris Wanstrath, now mostly by his GitHub handle @defunkt.

Defunkt was also a funk band back in the 80’s One of their funky tunes were I tried to live alone and it goes on …“but I couldn’t do it”.

Kinda a theme for the intro of Defunkt’s keynote. GitHub is a community, now counting 21 million users, 59 millions projects. It’s grown 30% during the last year.

OK - So we’re definitely not alone.

Actually 20.000.000 is roughly the number of estimated software developers in the entire world. Does that mean that GitHub is really bigger than the world?

Naah - it probably just means that quite a lot of the users on GitHub aren’t actually developers. I know a lot of people who are on GitHub, who aren’t actually developers, but using it mostly for issue management, or for keeping notes in MarkDown or for hosting web pages using gh-pages.

But the again if software is eating the world, then we will probably all become software developers in the end - what ever that means.

Last time Defunkt was on stage at Satellite, the breaking news was the new license structure - what is is going to be this time?

Well - two things really, presented by Senior Engineer Manger Kyle Daigle - who takes the stage:

GraphQL a promising alternative to traditional REST, already used as the underlying protocol in GitHub’s own tool stack such as Electron and Atom.

An then - ta daaa - GitHub Apps on the GitHub Marketplace - Buy using your GitHub account. Exemplified by a A woman building herself a punch card loom.

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