Published on April 29, 2016
Author Lars Kruse

GitHub - Our new best friend!

Partnering up with GitHub is a dream come true

Git, the Open Source distributed VCS, has surely been one of the largest game changers in modern software development. But another one, maybe even bigger than git itself, is GitHub -

All developer’s collaboration platform with 14 million users. …and since last month also partner with Praqma in Scandinavia.__

I’m a GitHub man myself

This morning I was once again, involved in a discussion wether Gerrit is a cool tool - or not. As some of you may recall (I made it pretty clear in a previous post about workflow), I’m not a big fan of the stop-go process imposed upon you by introducing mandatory peer-reviews for each and every commit, so I’m not so fond of Gerrit.

I’m a GitHub man myself. I'm an Oak man

So to cut this mornings discussion short, I went to search for statistics that could maybe help me nail my argument: 14 million users can’t be wrong. I went to

In the search term analysis I added GitHub, Gerrit, GitLab and Stash and to put it all into context I also added Git itself.

First things first; The only trend in the analysis with a downwards tendency was Gerrit (red line in the following pic) and it was by far the search term with the smallest foot print.

I remember just a few years back, Gerrit evangelists predicted to me, that:

in the future, Gerrit will be as widely known and used as Git itself.

…I think not!

GitHub is bigger than Git itself

Have a look at what I found:

GitGub Stats

Look at the yellow graph. There’s no doubt that GitHub is in a league of it own, when compaired to the other tools. But when I started to scrutinize the numbers around present time, I discovered something really interesting; Since December 2015 GitHub is actually a more widely used search term on Google than Git itself.

GitHub vs Git

And equally impressive, pay attention to how index 100 is defined in the graph. Index 100 is the highest number present in the graph. It is defined as todays index on GitHub.

It would seem like GitHub popularity is going through the roof!

Praqma becomes GitHub partner

We’re really proud in Praqma, to use this occasion to announce to the world, that GitHub has invited Praqma to become the strategic partner in all of Scandinavia, where we’re already present in all three capitals: Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm.

In the future, Praqma and GitHub will work together to arrange community events and Praqma will provide training, migration and development, we will aid GitHub in enabling and supporting customers on GitHub Enterprise. If you are uncomfortable hosting your git repositories in the cloud, then GitHub Enterprise is the obvious alternative to GitHub - Simply run plain-vanilla GitHub at home.

What’s not to like?

GitHub beyond just Git

In Praqma we use GitHub a lot! Currently we have 123 git repositories in in our Praqma organization on GitHub.

103 of these repos are Open Source, 20 of them are private, 10 of these are used to collaborate with customers, and another 10 of the private ones are used internally in Praqma.

A tiny fraction of our git repositories on GitHub are very special; They don’t store any version controlled files at all - except a of course. These special repos exist solely for the purpose of enabling GitHub issues. We use them for light-weight but efficient task management in some of our project. Essentially same process as described in A pragmatic workflow but exploited even for projects that doesn’t produce source code (Yes! such projects still exists, although we are trying to get rid of them).

Our new best friends

Our first encounter with the GitHub’ers has been fantastic. Within the first couple of weeks of our partnership we jointly arranged a meetup event in Stockholm. And a dedicated private repository was setup on GitHub to support our collaboration. At this point our main channel of communication is - of course - GitHub Issues.

Turns out we think alike.

The amount of attention we’ve been given from GitHub as part of our welcome is heart warming: Twelve people on their side are working on issues together with us. Next week we have six senior consultants receiving GitHub Technical Enablement training onsite in Denmark, in our own offices, with instructors flying in from US.

GitHub as technology sponsor on CoDe Academy

GitHub also generously sponsors our CoDe Academy initiative, where we’re going to give 5 days of free Continuous Delivery and DevOps hands-on training to 400 computer science students in Trondheim, Aarhus, Copenhagen and Oslo throughout this summer.

The CoDe Academy is about ensuring that even in the near future, companies will have enough Continuous Delivery and DevOps talent to pull from when recruiting. Most universities are not teaching these skills yet - It’s high noon for this initiative, and it’s important that the training is free to attend for students.

With GitHub as technology sponsor on CoDe Academy 2016, we’ve taken an important step towards fulfilling our dream.

CoDe Academy

GitHub - our new best friends

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