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Embedded Accelerator Day

The embedded industry shares experiences and challenges

Diverse companies in the embedded industries showed up for Embedded Accelerator Day Oslo 2017. Excellent talks and valuable open space discussions gave everyone food for thought. This blogpost recaps the day.

Kicking off the day

The Continuous Delivery Storyline by Lars Kruse

After everyone stocked up on a healthy breakfast and, more importantly, a sufficient amount of coffee, Lars Kruse greeted us all.

A lot of cool companies are present. We span many interesting industries, including oil, gas sensor, microchips and more. The one common point: everyone is doing embedded development. Lars introduces the day and the program and gets everyone on the same page. Yes, there are many challenges in embedded development, but we can do Continuous Delivery. Many of the companies are already doing Continuous Delivery to some degree.

Demand Technical Excellence

Lars introduced the keynote speaker: James Grenning author of Test driven development for embedded c. It was a pleasure to hear James talk. The topic was technical excellence. How do we avoid stagnating as expert beginners.

James told us about the second meeting of the founders of the Agile Manifesto. They met to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the Agile Manifesto. After all this time their most important bullet became “Demand Technical Excellence”. Good food for thought. No finger pointing!

I'm a programmer and I write bugs “I’m a programmer and I write bugs”.

Continuous Delivery in an embedded world

Mike Long on Continuous Delivery in Embedded Even though James has a background in the embedded world, his talk was not very focused on it. Instead, it made the point that we should stop using the embedded world as an excuse for not embracing automation and Continuous Delivery.

Mike Long took the stage and showed us how we can do Continuous Delivery in an embedded context, there truly no excuses left.

Certified Automation at GasSecure

Espen H. Albrektsen of GasSecure If there were any doubts whether any of this “Continuous Delivery” craze is achievable, Espen H. Albrektsen of GasSecure, blew them away. He told the story of how they are working with automation and how it helps them be SIL2 certified with their sensors for detecting gasses.

We saw both the product, their test rigs and targets. He posed the question “Can we have fun developing software that is SIL2 compliant?”. The answer is “Yes, Jenkins allows us to do that”.

Lunch into open space

Our lunch was delicious, though I must admit that I did not try the whale sushi. I’m not that experimental when it comes to food. Invigorated, we launched ourselves into discussion groups. Two sessions of three groups under the headings DevOps, Culture, Build, Testing, Version Control and Architecture and Design.

DevOps Roundtable

Lots of interesting challenges and solutions were brought forth during these discussion. To the benefit of both the established businesses and those that did not have any code at all yet.

More technical excellence

Git is the winner After the open space dicussions ended, I got to give my talk, “Why should I learn Git? I’m just a software developer”. As a fitting ending to the day tying back to James’ “Demand technical excellence”, I talk about Git and why you should be great at it. We also look at some fun numbers and stats. I talk briefly about deliberate practice and point people to Git katas, some great self-contained exercises for deliberate practice of Git. It was a great crowd, most were already working in Git.

We closed off with a brief retrospective leading in to beer and wine. I for one am very much looking forward to the next Embedded Day! The Embedded Day Crowd

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Author: Johan Sigfred Abildskov

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