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Lean Software and Digital Transformation - wolf

If you’ve watched the movie “Pulp Fiction” and read our interpretation of the Bonnie Situation then you know that Mr. Wolf is a fictive character who has an impressive ability to facilitate others. His analytic mind and great experience enables him to find a path through an overwhelmingly complex Bonnie situation.

Praqma is not your average consultancy. An important part of our business is to facilitate and guide change to truly ambitious clients who are seeking to upgrade their software development process - through DevOps, Continuous Delivery and automation. We inspire, counsel, guide and assist our clients through the whole process.

Software development projects - perhaps more than any other type of projects - need a Digital Transformation strategy. They need to be optimized. We bring expertise, experience and best practices to the transformation. When we engage, we plan and collaborate directly with the customer’s management team. We aid the strategy and the actual transformation through tactical implementations where we work with our customer’s own people and we help them excel.

What’s the job?

Over the past three years we have developed our Continuous Delivery Maturity Model. We have executed more than 20 assessments with customers, many of them has led to long-lasting transformation projects, that we continue to give guidance and expertise to. Today our continuous delivery and digital transformation effort has evolved into several very popular workshops, keynote presentations, board games, report formats, questionnaires and tools to support lead time measurements.

We need a wolf in this area.

We’re on the lookout for an expert, who can coach and counsel our clients, but just as important, your job will be to help develop this business area; Digital Transformation inside Praqma. To begin with, you will be working directly together with Lars Kruse, partner, co-founder and business developer in Praqma. Later on, you will probably take the full management of this area as we expand it even further.

Are you it?

What are we looking for in an applicant for this position? Well, if you think you might be it, then that’s the most important quality we’re looking for, but here are some of the things we imagine you have experience with.

  • Agile and Lean Software processes - Maybe as a team lead, a coach, scrum master. For sure you have read some of the contemporary literature in this field and it genuinely interests your.
  • Presenting - You have presented stuff like this at conferences or meetups. You are used to standing in front of people an inspire them.
  • Blogging - Maybe you are in the habit of writing (or Vblogging) in this area too, you just can’t help it; being an inspiration to others.
  • Organizational change - You know organizations, both from a practical and theoretical viewpoint. You have led change processes before.
  • Psychology or philosophy - People interests you. You know that to change organizations and processes, it starts with people and you are curious to learn more about people - in general.
  • Digital transformation - You feel it in your veins; “Software is eating the world” and you know that automation and optimization of processes is the only way forward.
  • Agile infrastructure - or DevOps as the current most hyped buzzword in our industry goes.

The position is global to Praqma. It means that we’ll be serving clients throughout all of Scandinavia. The workplace will, at least to begin with until you are ready to take the management of this area yourself, be in Allerød, north of Copenhagen.

Let us know why you’re interested in joining our team, and sell us on “you” by submitting your eye-catching cover letter and resume to

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Author: Lars Kruse

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