Published on April 25, 2018

The DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018 Song

A whole new (DevOps) world

DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018 was a great success. Inspiring talks and a pleasant community. I had the pleasure of being the host of this event. I decided to kick off the event with a song about DevOps. See the video and lyrics here.

A Whole New World

To the tune of “A whole new world” from Aladdin.

Ops verse 1

I can show you my world

servers, shiny and spinning

Even if it’s crap you push

I’ll run it night and day

Ops verse 2

I send auto-updates

Interrupting your sessions

Stop presenting, this windows update

must be rolled out now!

Ops chorus

My server room

Is where I fail your change request

Because I will seal the fort

Against the horde

To keep the business running at all costs

Dev verse 1

I will show you my world

Atom, VS or vi

I can edit .asterisk

And make my code compile

Dev verse 2

No ones’ better than I

For I am building the feature

Overcoming the barriers

Of enterprise IT

Dev chorus

I want a cloud!

A place to run my code for real

I want a new tech stack

We should be on Slack

A file in prod is what I’m gonna change

DevOps verse 1

Together we are the best

Deploying faster than the rest

Business value is maximized, and

DORA says it’s so

DevOps verse 2

Breaking down the silos

Conway’s law is a no-go

Changing cultures is very hard

So let us go unite

DevOps chorus 1

At DevOps days

Discussions in an open space

Ignited by the talks

That were on clocks

We’ll come home inspired

DevOps chorus 2

A whole new world

A way supported by our tools

We just deploy a bug

Don’t give a …

We do auto rollbacks

DevOps chorus 3

At DevOps Days

I swear I will participate

We will go use buzzwords

We are the nerds

At DevOps Days, today in Copenhagen.

Thank you!

Thank you for being the best audience and making my first DevOpsDays so cool!

Author: Johan Sigfred Abildskov

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