Developer in Test at Praqma

Software is too important not to pay attention to quality

Automated testing is a key part of ensuring cycle times are fast and problems are discovered early. At Praqma we have a strong culture of quality and invest heavily in developing our people.

We are currently looking to hire a Developer in Test to our Gothenburg office.

As a Developer in Test at Praqma, you will collaborate and consult with some of the leading businesses in Scandinavia. Our business model is not like your average resource consultancy, we pride ourselves on providing consultants with deep expertise as engineers, but who also come as part of a team. You can read more about our principles in this article: Working at Praqma

About the position

A Developer in Test at Praqma works closely with the customer to improve their automated testing. As part of a Continuous Delivery process, automated testing is a key enabler to reduce cycle times and increase quality. Often you will work with other Praqma consultants who are improving deployment automation and delivery pipelines at the same time. You will be building test automation frameworks specific to the customer’s software architecture, designing and automating test cases. The expectation is that developers will already be writing unit tests, and probably need support with automation at the higher levels of the testing pyramid. We will mainly be working with component tests, end-to-end tests and GUI tests. We may also work together with testers doing exploratory testing and setting the overall test strategy. The ambition is to train and mentor the customer’s own staff, so we leave them with the skills and knowledge to build further tests and maintain test frameworks that we set up.

Finest people of Praqma

Consultants with Praqma do not spend all their time at the customer. We invest a lot of time in training, attending internal and external courses and conferences. In addition you are expected to spend time on pet projects, reading books, listening to podcasts, researching topics that interest you, and writing blog posts.

Skills and experience

We are looking for people either with a background in software development or in testing, who would like to work more with test automation in the context of Continuous Delivery. The exact technologies mentioned below should not be seen as absolute requirements. We’re mainly looking for someone with a background in software development or testing coupled with ambition and curiosity to become expert with test automation.

  • Software development: languages including Java, Python, C/C++, Ruby, Perl or Javascript.
  • Testing: you may have done manual testing, both exploratory and scripted.
  • Test Automation tools: you may have used Selenium, SOAP UI, JAutomate, TextTest, QuickCheck, Robot Framework or Cucumber.
  • Agile methods: in particular Behaviour Driven Development and Acceptance Test-Driven Development.

The successful candidate(s) will join our Gothenburg Office. We have interesting and challenging customer assignments waiting for the right people, and a wealth of support and experience to draw on from the other seven Praqma offices around Scandinavia.

For more information about the role, please contact Emily Bache ( or simply send your CV and covering letter to