Published on December 7, 2016

Continuous Delivery Conference Stockholm 2016

Good vibes and speaker slides

Praqma’s conference finale for 2016 was CoDe Conf in Stockholm. 150 attendees made the event full to the brim, listened hard, asked great questions, and left us ready for 2017.

A day of beautiful contrasts

The last CoDe Conference of 2016 happened on Tuesday 29th of November in the heart of Stockholm and we couldn’t be prouder to receive the feedback:

“Well organized, interesting topics and talks, useful, fun, exciting!”

Cold day, warm vibes

150 curious participants from businesses across Northern Europe arrived in the still dark winter morning and were welcomed into the bright Meeting Room, that quickly buzzed with an excited ambience, as the Swedish hospitality and fragrant cinnamon buns filled the venue to the brim.

CoDe Sthlm

Solar systems and biohacking

The speakers made sure there was some solid variety in topics, from Petra Wernkvist who showed how Westermo succeeded with testing tough weather equipment, to Tore Martin Hagen’s experience with automating tests with huge amounts of very precise data.

CoDe Sthlm

Hannes Sjöblad’s finishing keynote emphasized contrasts by taking us all the way from our position in the solar system to embedding NFC chips and seismic devices between our cells.

The fine red line through all the talks: The rapid technological development that happens around us (and thanks to us) on all levels, giving us better dev-ops teams, dev-systems, testing, feedback and updates.

“Hannes Sjöblad’s presentation was very entertaining and enlightening. Putting what we do in a larger context is great.”

“Funny yet extremely educational. Great ideas and something I will look to apply in my projects (i.e. hotspots)”

CoDe Sthlm


Our generous speakers have let us share their material with you, so you can brush up - or see what you missed out on:


CoDe Sthlm CoDe Sthlm . CoDe Sthlm

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CoDe Sthlm

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