Published on September 19, 2016

CoDe Conf in Copenhagen 2016

Fall has been kicked off with CoDe Conference 2016. We squeezed a couple of extra chairs in and welcomed 202 attendees at the event - and they seem as happy as we are!

“Great conference - great organization, amazing energy from the attendees, staff and speakers and great sessions. Impressed again this year”

Inspiration, perspective, and really good advice

We created CoDe Conference to provide stakeholders, managers, and decision makers with inspiration for adopting and developing Continuous Delivery in their software production. We wish to bridge the area between developers and management and couldn’t be happier to get feedback telling us that the speakers have done a great job:

“Good concrete examples that I can use for inspiration.”

Airplanes are kind of like DevOps teams..

At this 3rd annual conference, keynotes offered perspective from both within developer’s trenches as well as the aviation industry: How challenges and emergencies are handled in a high paced and tangible setting like an airplane can provide useful food for thought when building a software department and dealing with contingencies.


How many engineers does it take to..

It is usually a given that tech conferences focus on technologies. So of course our speakers from a great variety of industries shared valuable experience in choosing and implementing the right tools. But to ensure the right choices and actual implementation, a key factor in a successful production environment was discussed:

The people that make up a DevOps team. The right organizational culture is a crucial step toward succeeding with creating a DevOps team and obtaining viable Continuous Delivery. No amount of tools, licenses and engineers will guarantee function

“A really great performance which narrowed some difficult areas you need to cope with to implement DevOps.”

Learning by (others) doing

Speakers - and guests - who have already started their deployment journey were generous with learnings from the process as well as the outcome. With honesty and humor the challenges were mapped and the victories pointed out, benefitting those who are considering their next move:

“It was really great to get some insight into the process (especially the cost) of moving systems..”


Thanks to our attendees, speakers, and sponsors

Curious and engaged attendees are the key to enthusiastic speakers and exhibitors - and the CoDe Conf day buzzed with big smiles, thanks to all who participated:

“Sven did one of the best presentations this day. The subject was interesting and related to my own work, still it was fresh and gave new insights.”

We couldn’t wish for better feedback than this

So we are already planning the CoDe Conference in Stockholm November 29th 2016, taking ideas and requests with us to make next event even better!

For next year’s conference in Copenhagen, stay tuned at - and remember that you can be the first to get an invitation, if you sign up for our newsletter here


Wanna see the slides?

Our generous speakers have let us share their material with you, so you can brush up - or see what you missed out on:

See the slides here

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