Published on May 17, 2017
Author Bue Petersen

The 6th Gathering in CoDe Alliance

Back to the roots - roadmapping open software together

CoDe Alliance members - the ambitious Praqma customers - met once again to discuss common challenges related to continuous delivery and to jointly groom roadmaps of existing open software, as well as sketch out new software solutions for truly generic problems.

The agenda was packed as usual allowing both time for members to introduce themselves, their company and their challenges and latest prouds. We had lightning talks about some great tools and concepts we see having great potential. Tools our customers have developed together with us.

The lightning talks

Praqma presented The Phlow which is a Git extension supporting a very easy to use Git branching model aimed for automation as well as automation around tasks management. It is so simple that marketing and sale persons find it easy to use git. It was developed internally for use in Praqma as we do everything as code, so marketing and sales can not avoid using Git either.

Related to The Phlow, the Pretested Integration Plugin for Jenkins which automates the CI system part of the Git flow in Jenkins was on the agenda. It is a creation fostered many years ago in CoDe Alliance (formerly known as Josra) and it needs a brush up for recent Jenkins development. IA roadmap to give the plugin new energy was presented.

QuTiCon - Quality Time Content - a proof-of-concept on how to visualise data from your continuous delivery process. Harvest all your data to gain insights. E.g. the most failing test case over time, so you can run that first. Answer the trends of your complete pipeline execution time and foresee if it is increasing. What about making sure you target your most failing process of your complete delivery pipeline? QuTiCon is exactly about this, build by tying together popular existing open source tools.

CoDe as code presentation from Praqma Norway

Praqma Norway presented their latest achievement which was getting funds for developing further on our traceability tool Tracey focussing on visualization of traceability data. It ties well together with QuTiCon. They also have funds to use for CoDe as code, aiming at creating a easy to use solution for continuous delivery infrastructure as code. The two projects are in their cradle.

The lightning speaks all gave valuable inputs and starting points for possible workshops in the afternoon.

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s own talk

Our host MAN Diesel & Turbo presented their challenges and prouds working seriously with implementing continuous delivery in their development. The talk, very interestingly, concentrated on culture and how to sell a change project towards continuous delivery when you always already deliver on time. In Praqma we meet a lot of customers and one thing we usually help them with is to deliver on time. Naturally there are lots of other benefits like less friction, less pain and higher quality. Sharing experiences between the members is always fun.

FPGA development is also software development

Napatech took the stage presenting their take on FPGA development and why that is just like ordinary software development - just with a twist making few things a bit more complex. The challenges presented was a good opportunity to meet later in a workshop with a few other members and my two colleagues Sofus and Claus. It is going to be very interesting to see how they improve the fittings process running more parallel steps in the “build” pipeline and improving the selection of success fits based on for example timing scores. I’m sure you one day can find a blog in our stories.


Our workshops was planned with an owner, a scribe and facilitator and we had a strong focus on discussing ideas and distilling them to something tangible that could become part of our roadmap for concept or product discussed in the workshop. The workshops that came out with very concrete outputs made statements of work (SoW).

That way we came up with three cool features for the Pretested Integration Plugin together with our members. You can find all the SoW in the Pretested Integration Plugin repository. The Git-Phlow workshop also managed to distill some wanted features so that the Git extension could be used by even more users and the members can start to roll it out in their organisation. We’re looking into some technical details before the SoW can published.

Tracey and QuTiCon gathered a crowd to discuss the future, but nothing is yet workable. FPGA - like software development - is taking automation to the next step based on fruitful discussion in the workshop where the group of hardcore FPGA developers manifested a few missing “features” in achieving better automation. SoW can be found here until a project about FPGA is formed.

Up Next

We’re now in the phase of distilling, evolving and describing the many inputs and ideas from the workshops and they will all be made as SoW that are ready for shared funding between interested members. We notify, publish and discuss those on the member slack channels.

The next gathering is in about 6 month as usual and will be announced to our customers directly, but also on our conference and event page CODE-CONF. If you want to join and be part of the next gathering, just contact Bue Petersen or Lars Kruse on

Thanks for a great gathering, and special thanks to our host MAN Diesel & Turbo in Copenhagen.

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