Published on April 1, 2016

Continuous Delivery Academy

A free four-day training course for students

Are you a student or a recent graduate looking to start a career in software? Do you feel like you still have a few things to learn before you’re ready for the world of professional software development?

How would you a like a free, intense, four-day, hands-on course in Git, Jenkins, Test-Driven Development and Docker? You would!

Then pre-register your interest in Continuous Delivery Academy 2018!!.

What will I learn?

The Academy is an intense 4-day course that will take you through all the basics of Continuous Delivery.

  • Agile methods: A primer in Kanban, Lean, and Scrum
  • Advanced version control: Git in depth
  • Build and test automation: with Jenkins
  • Test Driven Development: Build quality in
  • Build, Ship, Run: with Docker

You will actually get a diploma for attending these four days.

Continuous Delivery Academy diploma

What happens during the Continuous Delivery Academy?

To get a quick overview of the Academy, check out this video from the 2017 Continuous Delivery Academy in Copenhagen

You can see the program and photos from the 4 Continuous Delivery Academies that took place last year.

Is it really free?

Yes. Really.

Who is eligible?

You should:

  • Be a student or unemployed recent graduate
  • Have studied Computer Science or related field
  • Want to learn the latest software techniques
  • Want to have fun!

Where and when will it happen?

The Continuous Delivery Academy usually runs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden during the break in June, August or December.

In previous years we have visited:

  • IT University in Copenhagen
  • Norway’s Technical University (NTNU) in Trondheim
  • Computer Science Dept. of Oslo University
  • Chalmers - Sweden’s Technical University in Gothenburg
  • Computer Science Dept. of Aarhus University

Continuous Delivery Academy diploma

How do I get involved?

Seats will be limited by the locations we find, so if you are interested in attending, you should pre-register here. If you have any questions then just mail at

My company loves this idea! Can we sponsor?

Sure - send us a mail and we can set up a chat!

Why is Praqma organizing this?

Here’s the thing - demand for Continuous Delivery and DevOps skills is far outstripping what is available the in the job market. In a way, we at Praqma are feeling this most acutely. We have fantastic demand for our consulting and training offerings, business has more than doubled over the last year. Meanwhile back at the ranch we are actively recruiting for open positions in all our locations.

When scheming solutions for this challenge, our first thought was obvious - we train our clients, why not train our recruits!

And it makes sense. We take training very seriously at Praqma, and understand that only by continuous learning can we deliver the best value to our clients. We invest a lot of time in experimenting with new technology, finding great development workflows, and sharing what we learn. Why not train our recruits?

But then a second thought came - instead of only training our recruits, why not train all recruits? Why not make this available to everyone looking for work, so that not only Praqma employees get these skills but all people entering the industry?

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