Senior Consultant - Cloud Native Coach

Cloud, Continuous Delivery and DevOps are strong trends in our industry and consultants with Eficode Praqma provide expert advice in this field

We are currently looking to hire Senior Consultants to work as Cloud Native Coaches in Gothenburg, Oslo, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Our consultants work with some of the leading businesses in Scandinavia. Our business model is not like your average resource consultancy, we pride ourselves on providing people with deep expertise as engineers, but who also come as part of a team.

About the way we work

Eficode Praqma isn’t just an IT consultancy. We focus on the technical side of Agile and Continuous Delivery - the art of delivering software quickly, safely, and sustainably. Our aim is to change the world by sharing our knowledge and building communities. In May 2019, Praqma joined forces with Eficode. Together, Praqma and Eficode are almost 300 experts strong, operating across the Nordics and Central Europe.

We want to be a magnet for the best and brightest people in software. That’s why we work with cutting edge technologies as well as being a dedicated open source contributor. It’s also why our culture is so important to us. We believe in open communication, flat organization and cross-company collaboration. These are the promises we make to each other every day.

Our clients are ambitious, want to improve, and are actively asking for us to help them. We help organizations sharpen their axes, and we believe there is no better way to build a career.

Our employees go on to build excellent professional reputations. We want to give our people every opportunity to achieve their full potential, and to change the world along the way. You can read more about our principles in this article: Working at Eficode Praqma.

Finest people of Praqma and Eficode

About the position

As a Senior Consultant and Cloud Native Coach you will bring your expertise into software development teams and enable them to succeed. You will accelerate progress delivering value, while teaching new skills as necessary to tackle the technical challenges they face.

Your daily work at clients will involve coaching, teaching and facilitation. We use cloud technologies to improve the way development teams work. Experience tells us that setting up build and test environments in the cloud is more effective in the long run than managing in-house infrastructure for these tasks. We also work with teams who are migrating their production systems to the cloud.

It’s very important that in the end it’s the client’s staff who should own the work and succeed in the long term. Your role as a coach will change according to the situation. Sometimes you will be at the front writing the code and leading by example. Often you will be in the background, giving advice and encouragement. Ultimately you will leave the team to continue using new cloud technologies and approaches without you, and you will move on to new challenges.

Not all of your time will be spent at the client. While you are not on-site, you may spend some of your time preparing teaching materials for the next coaching block. You are also expected to work on improving your own skills. We invest a lot of time in training, attending internal and external courses and conferences. Cloud Native Coaches may be involved in teaching these courses and facilitating internal conferences. In addition you are expected to spend time on pet projects, reading books, listening to podcasts, researching topics that interest you, and authoring blog posts and presentations.

Skills and experience

We are looking for people with extensive experience in software development, including Continuous Delivery and/or DevOps, who are ambitious and curious. You probably know one or more cloud provider very well, have worked with Kubernetes or OpenShift, and may have certifications to prove your competence. You probably have experience with Continuous Integration services running in the cloud, provisioning test environments, and monitoring running systems.

You may be interested in doing some business development, pre-sales and account management, without leaving your technical expertise behind. You should be interested in doing more training and mentoring than a pure software development role would allow. Most importantly, you understand what it looks like when software is being built well, and want to help teams to improve their software delivery capability.

The successful candidate(s) will join one of our teams in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. We have interesting and challenging client assignments waiting for the right people, and a wealth of support and experience to draw on amongst your future colleagues.

Is this you? Please send your CV together with a cover letter via this platform.

For more information about the role, please contact: Mike Long for Oslo, Christian Pendleton for Gothenburg, and Adam Henriques for Copenhagen and Aarhus. We are looking forward to your application!

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