The Atlassian Software in Kubernetes solution goes open source

Eficode Praqma is at KubeCon Europe 2019 for this announcement

Atlassian Software in Kubernetes (ASK) is a unique solution to run Atlassian installations within Kubernetes. It provides an easy to manage system that is highly available, instantly scalable, efficient and reliable. Developed by Eficode Praqma, ASK is now going to be open source.

Atlassian applications quickly become mission critical in a lot of organizations. For many of their applications, Atlassian provides a Data Center solution that supports high availability through active/active clustering.

It can be quite a job managing a clustered setup of Data Center applications. By containerizing them and using Kubernetes to orchestrate them, ASK takes a DevOps approach that allows everything to be defined as code. It provides easier scaling and management of the applications, and great business value since downtime will be avoided.

The benefits of combining Kubernetes with an Atlassian setup

Availability is key with ASK. Automation keeps mission critical applications running whatever happens. If a Jira server fails, Data Center will automatically redirect traffic to healthy servers. If an application or server crashes Kubernetes automatically reconciles by bringing up a new application. There’s also zero downtime upgrades for Jira.

ASK scales instantly without repetitive and costly admin tasks. With ASK Atlassian applications and environments exist as code, so they are immediately reproducible through automation.

Monitoring is also a core aspect of ASK. Kubernetes makes it easy to monitor Atlassian software by integrating with Grafana and Prometheus. This will open doors to alerts and dashboards as code, enabling you to react as soon as something starts to fail.

This solution is already used in production in various companies, including Vestas, the global wind turbine company.

The value of open source

At Eficode Praqma, we believe in changing the world of software through sharing knowledge and building communities. That means that we have an on-going commitment to Open Source. We contribute to a variety of Open Source projects and are responsible for several Open Source plugins.

“Atlassian Software in Kubernetes is a powerful and valuable solution, and we are delighted to share it with the community. We strongly believe in open source, and look forward to collaborating with end users to deliver a great Atlassian experience“, says Mike Long, CTO of Eficode Praqma.

With ASK becoming open source during KubeCon Europe 2019, We hope to learn from the community of users, and to keep improving this solution with the help of other experienced contributors.

You can find the repositories here:

Find out more about ASK

If you’re at KubeCon Europe 2019 in Barcelona, come meet Eficode Praqma at booth SE45. You can see a demo of ASK, and ask us all your questions.

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