Published on January 23, 2018
Author Bue Petersen

CoDe Alliance goes code camp

Continuously improving our format

We strive to continuously improve, so the 8th gathering in our Continuous Delivery Alliance will feature all the good things from the 7th meeting in a slightly evolved format.

We learned a few things from our retrospective and we have also been inspired by the interviews we made with some of you alliance old timers. We’ve made some small adjustments to our gathering format, but don’t fear - it’s going to be great. Read on!

Still two days with a theme

The 7th gathering was our first two-day event in the CoDe Alliance and it was the first with a theme. We thought this really worked and you guys told us you liked it too. We appreciate it allows for much more time on specific topics.

The 8th gathering will continue in much the same way. We’ll have a day one with planned presentation, lightning talks, break out sessions and facilitated workshops. And remember - you’re part of the program so share your ideas with us. We will be reaching out to you for input when we make the plan. If you have a theme in mind let us know. I’ll even make a “call for theme” on our slack.

The second day will be very dedicated to the theme, but we will gather around topics presented in break out sessions. This day will be less planned, but we will have dedicated and experienced facilitators to keep it on track.

Code Alliance goes code camp!

In Praqma we’re very distributed with 8 offices in 3 countries, but we still collaborate very closely and have had great success in recent years with our internal code camps. These are two intensive days where we all meet in a nice quiet countryside hotel to pitch and exchange ideas in larger groups before concentrating and working on those ideas in smaller groups. In the evening we enjoy a dinner and in the bar we have time for all the discussions we couldn’t finish.

We believe this format is so well suited to the CoDe Alliance gatherings that we want to share it with you next time. So, the 8th gathering goes Praqma camp style.

It’s very easy for you guys - all you need to do is figure out how to get there and then how to get home next day. We’ll take care of the rest.

The location will favor easy transportation by car, train or flight. For the 2018 summer gathering we plan to be in Denmark in a location reasonably close to Copenhagen.

We will all benefit from less logistics during the two days and thus have more time together to focus on our agenda.


From Josra (the earlier name) to the present CoDe Alliance, those of you with us since the beginning know that there have been different ways of funding our efforts.

There isn’t going to be large changes in the current model, but when we go Code-Camp-style the gatherings are going to be funded by tickets covering the venue cost. But it will still be the cheapest two-day event you ever had to budget for. The ticket will be your only cost other than transportation.

Praqma will also continue to fund event management for these gatherings. We value the alliance and are committed to continue to spend time describe, evolve and distill the common ideas we get, so you can fund them while we deliver them to benefit you and other members. Just like many projects in the past.

Catch us on the CoDe Alliance Slack channel, if you have questions.

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