Published on June 30, 2016

Github and Praqma - our NextGen Software Development Seminar

As GitHub & Praqma recently entered into partnership in Scandinavia we invited software managers to a breakfast seminar on how businesses are transforming by building methodologies and practices that will drive software development into the future.

If you were there, you’ll have participated in the latest event celebrating Praqma’s exciting new partnership with GitHub! Representatives from start-ups and companies from both the private and public sector gathered by the waterfront of Copenhagen harbor to explore the latest innovations in software development. If you weren’t there then here’s what you missed:

CoDe Maturity Assessment Workshop

Software Development for forward-thinking software executives

Lars Kruse from Praqma kicked-off the first in a series of events by outlining how Praqma and GitHub are promoting Continuous Delivery through their new Scandinavian partnership.

Praqma assists organizations to realize their full potential of Continuous Delivery & DevOps through strategic consultancy, implementation, and training in order to work more effectively, build quality into software, and introduce predictability through automation in all aspects of software development.

GitHub gave a brief intro outlining the key features of the secure GitHub Enterprise solution and the compelling practice of InnerSource. The joint approach benefits all stakeholders by enabling extreme efficiencies through the sharing of knowledge across all relevant teams.

After the introductions participants were split into two different teams to take part in the hands-on 30 minute workshops:

"Tools Dropping" Workshop

GitHub Enterprise Power of Community. Power of Code. On Premise.

GitHub challenged participants with a workshop on self-assessment. How much collaboration and transparency did they feel they had in their own companies? How open and effective was their internal dialogue? Most importantly, how quickly could they release and ship code in their development cycle? This exercise proved to be an eye-opener as it became apparent that processes are vastly improved by applying InnerSource methodologies.

“It was inspiring to meet Github “in person” and meet other people with possible similar issues to yourself.”

Continuous Delivery Maturity Workshop

A Continuous Delivery Roadmap into the future

Luckily, the weather allowed some workshops to take place outdoors next to the waterfront where Praqma demonstrated The Phlow based on Github and, a workflow so powerful that code integration becomes unbreakable. Once again attendees were encouraged to self-assess and look at both the positive and negative aspects of their current development cycles. In only half an hour the attendees made significant realisations on how to become much more efficient.

“The best part was the presentation of Phlow.”

Key Outcomes

So, what were the main themes to emerge from the event? Communication and collaboration were the central concepts. Throughout the morning our participants opened up, engaged in productive dialogue with both strangers and colleagues, and discussed how to take away some of the key principles and apply them in their own workplaces.

We also found that each company uses a plethora of tools so we posed the following question - how much more efficient could they be if they increased their levels of collaboration and transparency? The consensus was that there could be significant improvement in this area. Food for thought!

“We are not alone with our struggles!”

Continuous Delivery Academy

Community Engagement

Finally, Github is also an enthusiastic supporter of Praqma’s new Code Academy initiative. Code Academy was set up to address the acute shortage of next generation IT people by offering free Continuous Delivery & DevOps Boot Camps to students all over Scandinavia. Feedback from students who have already taken part has been very positive and camps have sold out.

Through its engagement with Praqma, GitHub Enterprise is committed to the importance of meetups and workshops as a way of promoting more interactive and inspiring networks to support prospering local software communities. We look forward to future events and to those of you who didn’t make it this time - don’t miss the next one!

“Good Show. Thank You!”

A Joint Github & Praqma Event

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