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Coding is Like Baking

Three factors affecting your agility

Let’s talk about cakes and baking. It’s similar to making software. No really! How quickly you can bake a fantastic cake depends on three main factors. Turns out, it’s the same three for software.

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Celebrating Jenkins and open source collaboration

Day of Jenkins [as code] - A summary

Jenkins is one of the best adverts for open source and at Praqma we have been using it since the very beginning. We enjoy giving something back to the community by hosting Day of Jenkins, and this year’s event was packed with exciting developments. Read on!

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CoDe-Conf 2018

Continuous Delivery and DevOps - Not Just For Unicorns

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are here to stay and not because they’re being practiced by trendsetting unicorn companies. The fact is science tells us that these approaches work and this year’s conference gave us lots of examples.

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Getting started with Jenkins Configuration as Code

How to spin it up from scratch or migrate an existing instance

Jenkins Configuration as Code is finally here. In this blog I’ll cover how to convert an existing Jenkins instance to JCasC and also how to start from scratch. Let’s get it up and running!

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Artifactory vs Nexus vs ProGet

A comparison of binary repository management systems

Choosing the right tools for your critical infrastructure is a daunting task. To help you make an informed choice on binary repository management systems we took it upon ourselves to explore three leading solutions. So, how do Artifactory, Nexus and ProGet stack up?

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How Developers are Legally Murdered

The human case for acknowledging and measuring wasted time

Acme Corporation is a famous software company employing around 2.000 developers. Like many other companies out there it has ensnared its faithful employees in a devious plot. It is murdering them, legally and out of sight, by wasting their time.

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KubeCon 2018 Europe - 7 Key Takeaways

Anticipating the future of the Cloud Native world

Kubernetes and Cloud Native tools have awesome potential and an exciting future. But what exactly can we expect from this technology? Praqma’s cloud experts, including Sami Alajrami, went to KubeCon 2018 to report back all the latest.

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Effective Technical Agile Coaching

Experiences Pairing with Llewellyn Falco

How does a Technical Agile Coach improve work in a development team? When Llewellyn Falco asked me to pair with him at a client I jumped at the chance to see how effective mob programming is for introducing technical agile practices.

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The DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018 Song

A whole new (DevOps) world

DevOpsDays Copenhagen 2018 was a great success. Inspiring talks and a pleasant community. I had the pleasure of being the host of this event. I decided to kick off the event with a song about DevOps. See the video and lyrics here.

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