Collaboration Plans

Get a direct line to our experts whenever you need it

The Praqma Collaboration Plan is an annual subscription that gives you access to our team of Continuous Delivery and DevOps experts for help implementing and maintaining your software development infrastructure. We have helped hundreds of companies through our extensive experience with Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Do you have a best-of-breed development environment?

Maybe you use Git for version control because it is the most powerful version control system available. As a server you choose Atlassian Bitbucket to get integration of your Jira project management with your source control system.

You use Jenkins, the open source continuous integration server, to automate your build and test systems and use many of its great plugins to get quality feedback and integration with your third party systems.

All your build artifacts get archived in the Artifactory server for distribution. You run your build and test environments in Docker containers and Vagrant virtual machines.

Maybe you don’t have the exact same tool stack, but you probably have something that looks similar and it is great. You put a big effort into creating this well-oiled machine.

Just one problem… who do you call when you need help?

Sure, you can get Jenkins Enterprise from CloudBees and Artifactory Pro, etc., but who will help you on the full-stack questions? Who do you call when you need advice on a new branching strategy, competitive analysis or when something goes wrong between the boundaries of your various systems?

We offer you something better:

  • Access to our team of engineers whenever you need it
  • Up to 80 hours of support included
  • On- and off-site as necessary
  • Covers your entire tool stack, both open source and proprietary
  • Can be used for advice, upgrades, maintenance or emergencies

Have the best of both worlds: a custom, best-of-breed development environment and someone to turn to when you need it

Every collaboration agreement comes with these additional benefits:

  • We are a team of experienced developers - we know when a developer’s workspace is efficient and when it’s not. We would never compromise the pace of a developer’s productivity
  • You have access to our entire team - with the combination of our diverse skillsets we can service any tool or issue
  • You can use the account you have for anything Continuous Delivery - second line support, bug fixing, tool setup, configuration, training, coaching, strategic planning and feature development

Want to know more?

Contact: Adam Henriques +45 2812 9094