Managed DevOps

Extraordinary Cloud Services Support for Software Teams

Praqma specializes in providing the skills, tools, and training to help organizations deliver better software faster. This is the value proposition in Continuous Delivery. Quite early in our practice, we found that we needed to look beyond development and test automation and into IT operations in order to succeed in our mission.

We were a traditional software-focused organization. We had servers, which we set up, but didn’t really maintain. We had IT, but in a half-hearted, manually configured way. Our infrastructure was moving to the cloud, our services needed to be maintained, backups needed to be tested, upgrades needed to be performed. It was becoming quite a job!

We knew there was a better way - it would take recruitment, training, investment and commitment. So we rolled up our sleeves, got our best people on it - and worked tirelessly to build a system the right way, from the ground up.

Now we are offering to do the same for our clients. We can bring our skills, our technology, and our training to help you evolve your IT infrastructure to the join the DevOps revolution.

We can be the Ops in your DevOps!

Praqma offers a tailored service to provide cloud services support for software development teams. Our combination of expert-level IT Automation professionals together with access to our technology stack will kickstart your cloud journey.

Mission Control

Expert advice? Implementation? We can help! Mission Control is the name we give to our team of experts ready to manage your cloud needs.

Whether you are interested in adopting cloud-native technologies, programmable infrastructure, or just need your Jenkins and Atlassian services managed, we are there for you.


Orbit is the technology stack we use to run cloud infrastructure. Built from the ground up based on open-source technologies such as Terraform, Docker, Packer and many more, we have created a collection of reusable software defined infrastructure modules.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can we integrate with our existing IT infrastructure?

You can gain the benefits cloud infrastructure together with your existing infrastructure. The solution is to create a secure VPN between your infrastructure and the cloud, to create a seamless network. Defined as code, of course.

What kind of applications can be managed?

We have most experience with managing development and testing services such as Jenkins, Artifactory, Nexus, Jira, Bitbucket, and testing environments, however we would be happy to develop and extend Orbit to your needs.

Can you help on cloud migration projects?

Yes! We can provide everything you need to run your software in the cloud. From migrating your current development systems to the cloud, defining them as code, integrating the cloud with your test environment, right down to the nitty gritty system administration, we can handle it.

What’s included in Mission Control?

We can provide any level of support required for your operations. Call us to see how we can work together.

How do I avoid lock-in if I utilize Orbit?

By using Orbit you will retain full control. The systems will be managed as code, providing you with a full audit trail on what is going on in your system. It will run in your cloud or on-premise account, and should you wish you can take over running this at any time.

Every client has their own private repository, building on our Shared IP. You have full unconditional access to what they are running (the dependencies) and it is licensed without restriction forever.