IT Operations Assessment

Discover your path towards an infrastructure setup supporting the demands of modern software practices


Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and modern software practices set high demands and expectations on IT infrastructure and IT services. However, many IT departments do not possess the right tools, infrastructure or technical knowledge to meet these new challenges.

When conflicts inevitably arise R&D end up solving their own problems by managing parts of the IT infrastructure themselves. This means software developers end up becoming IT admins and you end up with several infrastructure silos running in your company.

An IT Operations assessment provides an overview of your current status and a plan for future improvement, approaching the question: what is needed for IT to support development in their ambitious goals within Continuous Delivery and DevOps?

The assessment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assessment of your Continuous Delivery IT readiness. Is IT ready to help with all the ambitious demands from R&D in the near future?
  • Assessment of the maturity of your current R&D infrastructure. Is your infrastructure safe, production-ready, and maintainable?
  • Identification of the challenges and maintenance issues in your current setup
  • Creation of a roadmap and backlog of work towards your vision.
  • An overview of feasible technologies that can improve your current setup and support your roadmap.
  • Assessment of your IP data protection; risks and threats that could undermine your R&D infrastructure and cause disruption e.g. viruses, hardware issues, or service outages.

What will you get out of this assessment?

You will receive a report summarizing the assessment findings, as well as a suggested roadmap.


The assessment is based on, but not limited to Praqma’s IT Operations Maturity Model. We use it for inspiration, and adjust it every time.