Tailored Continuous Delivery and DevOps Consulting

Praqma can help your software organization achieve your quality and productivity goals. We are change management specialists and have helped hundreds of clients realize their ambitions.

We don’t chop wood. We sharpen axes.

Software development is a challenging and chaotic endeavor and in the fight for survival and success it is all too easy to lose focus of your development process. However, while software development and ‘chopping wood’ is your business, perfecting development processes and ‘sharpening axes’ is ours. We help you identify, prioritize and remove bottlenecks from your software development process. We help our clients:

  • Remove manual and error prone processes
  • Create frictionless development environments
  • Teach best practices
  • Implement automation

Buy a consultant, get a team

We hire and train the best in the field of Continuous Delivery and DevOps. People that love to fix things, automate everything and improve the world of software development. Then we direct them at tough problems in your organization.

We will never just sell you a body or a named resource. The Continuous Delivery ecosystem requires an ever-expanding skill set that is not available in a single person. So when you enter into an consulting engagement with us, you don’t have to choose between a strategic consulting expert, a Jenkins ninja, an IT infrastructure automation guru or a top trainer. You get them all. We use our pool of experts to get you exactly the skills you need, where and when you need them.

Want to book a free consultation?

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