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Continuous Delivery Assessment

Digital Transformation is a major challenge for any organization. Our Continuous Delivery and DevOps experts will guide you on the road to true agile through a series of workshops.

The power of an assessment

<h5>Get a roadmap and a better understanding of your own set up</h5>

Get a roadmap and a better understanding of your own set up

To start a successful Digital Transformation it is necessary to first understand your current setup. We will assess how your processes operate, where they deliver value, and how they could be improved. During the workshops your team will build up a complete overview of their entire working environment. We’ll then use this knowledge to create a backlog of concrete tasks and milestones, the first steps on the road to transformation.

<h5>DevOps and Continuous Delivery drive organizational performance</h5>

DevOps and Continuous Delivery drive organizational performance

The scientific case for DevOps is now well established. Research by DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) shows that, across every industry, organizations that practice DevOps significantly outperform those that do not. Don’t miss out on the gains from Continuous Delivery, DevOps and test automation. Make your organization faster, safer and more likely to reach objectives.

<h5>Experts to guide you on your journey</h5>

Experts to guide you on your journey

As specialists in DevOps and Continuous Delivery we have helped hundreds of companies through the process of Digital Transformation over the last decade. Through this assessment your team will learn best practices and gain insights from our experienced consultants and coaches.

What our clients say

"Eficode Praqma is a center of excellence and we all contribute input to the Continuous Delivery method. Therefore, there is a great deal of experience exchange that comes with the package we buy from Eficode Praqma."

Flemming Ask Sørensen, Project Manager, Grundfos

Continuous Delivery Assessment

A model-based assessment

At Eficode Praqma, we have developed the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model. While not a checklist or magic bullet, it is a valuable tool that draws on more than a decade of collective experience and learning from business cases. The model is used to ignite discussions, identify challenges, and advice concrete changes.

What our clients say

"The assessment process generated much discussion, brought a strong focus on investment in our systems and delivery processes, improved our ability to deliver IT change at speed, at lower risk and readied our business for widespread cloud adoption in line with our technology strategy."

Sean Langton, CTO of Bankwest

Continuous Delivery Assessment

What do the workshops look like?