Continuous Delivery Assessment

Discover your path to the future with a Continuous Delivery Assessment

The future is already here - it’s just not very evenly distributed

Sci-Fi novelist William Gibson

This famous quote by William Gibson perfectly fits today’s uneven distribution of how companies succeed or miss out on the necessary Digital Transformation into Continuous Delivery, DevOps and test automation.

A model-based assessment

model Through years of successful Continuous Delivery assessments, we have developed the Continuous Delivery Maturity Model. The assessment itself is a series of intense, playful, educational and rewarding workshops with the purpose of providing a holistic overview of your upcoming Digital Transformation into true agile. We uncover your current Value Stream and dive into the nitty-gritty details. The tangible assessment result is a comprehensive backlog. As a highly desired side-effect, your team gains valuable knowledge and insight into contemporary software development from our experienced senior consultants and coaches.

We’re providing you a roadmap into the future; Finally you will get your fair share of it too - the future.

Value Stream workshop

We have executed the value stream workshop with up to 60 participants - the workshop consist of two parts:

  • Morning/noon - We present an entertaining keynote, spiced up with a few educational games and brainstorming exercises. The purpose is to establish a common understanding of what DevOps and Continuous Delivery is. There is no limit to how many participants you can bring to this session.

  • The rest of the day - Will be a workshop. Through games and facilitated discussions, your team will draw a complete holistic map of your entire Value Stream identifying pains and potential remedies. Afterwards the team presents the result while we record it on video. It’s an entertaining exercise, but more importantly, it’s an efficient way to get profound insight into your own affairs.

  • The aftermath - We provide you with a report containing the analysis and conclusions from the workshops to support the video recordings.

Various area-specific workshops

After the introductory Value Stream workshop, we execute a series of additional workshops, each one dives into a specific area. The purpose of these workshops is to reveal and elicit concrete stories to your backlog within the area in focus. Usually we do series of workshops covering different areas, to get the whole picture. They can either be based on the six areas in our model or maybe on your individual teams, the tool chains you use, or other kinds of groupings and themes dependent on your concrete needs. Each workshop is carefully prepared together with the workshop owner. That would be you.

A workshop typically runs for 3-6 hours - the participants are the stakeholders and the team members related to the topic it covers.

  • The workshops follows a well-proven format - The workshops are run as an adapted variant of Lean Coffee, focusing on high level of contribution from all participants through the different exercises.