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Our experts are here to help your teams through the process of digital transformation and achieve your productivity and quality goals.

<h3>Whether you’re at the beginning of your DevOps journey, or significantly advanced, we have services to assist you at every stage.</h3>

Whether you’re at the beginning of your DevOps journey, or significantly advanced, we have services to assist you at every stage.

What are Continuous Delivery & DevOps?

Eficode Praqma has been helping organizations in their digital transformation towards Continuous Delivery and DevOps for over a decade. We believe that Agile is the principle, and DevOps is the practice. DevOps is a process of cultural transformation that begins by breaking down the walls between development and operation teams. Continuous Delivery is an approach to software engineering where teams work in short development cycles to make frequent software releases that are uneventful, safe, and sustainable.

How to get started with your Digital Transformation?

There is no secret formula for Digital Transformation, no silver bullet that automatically produces a truly agile way of working. To get started we recommend a Continuous Delivery or IT Ops Assessment - a series of intense, educational and rewarding on-site workshops. Together with your developers, testers, managers, operations, and other stakeholders, we assess where your organization and different teams currently stand, and provide a roadmap for moving towards Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

How to implement your Continuous Delivery & DevOps ambitions?

Successful Digital Transformation requires the whole organization to commit to a common culture of collaboration from C-level management to junior developers. Eficode Praqma facilitates this transition by offering change management consultancy and strategic advice on adopting the tools and processes that are right for your teams. We also provide hands-on implementation, while ensuring that your team gets the necessary technical skills to work independently.

Stay one step ahead

With so many emerging technologies and processes, staying ahead of the curve has never been more challenging. We help our customers to stay out in front by offering on-site training in all the latest DevOps practices and tools.