Continuous Delivery Conferences and Meet-ups

Praqma has been organizing community events and meet-ups on a regular basis for years. Since we organized Scandinavia’s first Jenkins community event, we have made it part of Praqma’s raison d’être to build and engage with the community of Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

We create the events we wish existed and make them available to everyone. Events where software developers, project managers and CTOs can hear about the latest developments, get hands-on experience with the newest technologies, share best practices and learnings, and get ready to bring change in their organization.


If you want to know more about all our upcoming and past events, is your go-to page. You can also sign up to our newsletter, and join our local meet-up groups in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The reason for taking these events outside Praqma, and treating it as a separate brand is that we want to provide a harassment-free environment. Not just in the usual conference code-of-conduct meaning of it - but also free from being sold to from stage.

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Conferences and unconferences

Every year, we run in the fall a large conference, the Continuous Delivery and DevOps conference. We bring together technological wizards and industry big shots who provide you with motivational keynotes and hard-hitting tales from the trenches.

We also run full-day bring-your-laptop conferences. It’s a mix of the conference format with hands-on workshops to teach technologists real skills they can put to work immediately. Each time we focus on different technologies connected with Continuous Delivery and DevOps such as Day of Cloud Native, Day of Jenkins

To share our knowledge and learn from the community, we also organize different events and seminars with interactive session, demos and open discussions, like our Atlassian Accelerator Day or Embedded Accelerator Day.

Continuous Delivery users meet-up groups

We are running some meet-up groups and involved with many other groups - Docker, Jenkins, Atlassian, Python and Cloud Native meet-ups. We help with planning meet-ups, presenting some cool things we are working on, and sometimes we even provide some food, drinks and a venue. This is how we give back to the community.

Some of the meet-up groups we organize or co-organize:

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