About Praqma

Praqma is a different breed of IT consultancy bureau. We specialize in Continuous Delivery - the art of delivering software in a swift, safe, and sustainable manner. We aim to change the world of software development by sharing our knowledge and building strong communities.

Helping the industry

For over a decade, Praqma has been helping companies, large and small, to deliver changes at a rate the market demands. We help them adopt DevOps, and automate their builds and tests to set up their ultimate Continuous Delivery pipeline. All this through strategic advice, coaching, implementation, as well as training and operations support.

Sharing knowledge

To change the world of software development, we believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and best practices in Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Not only do we offer trainings to our clients, we also build communities through regular hosting of conferences and meet-ups. We even run free Continuous Delivery Academies to prepare the next generation.

Redefining consulting

Praqma’s approach to consultancy is different from traditional models. Rather than selling individual CVs, we grant clients access to all of our experts. We invest in our people, setting aside time for learning. In the end, Praqma is the sum of its fine people, one team striving to build a company that is fun to work at, one that makes a difference.