About Praqma

At Praqma we strive to change the world! Well, at least the software development world.

Continuous Delivery to everybody

During the first 9 years of our existence, we have helped a large number of companies in- and outside of Denmark implement Continuous Delivery — even before anyone started using the term. We consider ourselves Continuous Delivery Toolsmiths and help our customers with inspiration, strategic consulting, practical implementation and support.

We’re a service company specialized in helping companies to assess, plan, implement, improve and develop an infrastructure and process that will assure that quality is built into the product as part of the development processes rather than glued on afterwards.

We usually refer to this discipline as continuous delivery and we’ve abbreviated it to CoDe, Co for Continuous and De for Delivery.

We are the Continuous Delivery Company

We like to think that we’re special here at Praqma, because we only employ people who are CoDers at heart. Our consultants all have either software engineering or system operations backgrounds and CoDe is the career path they have explicitly chosen.