October 25, 2016 Jobs

Become a Wolf at Praqma

If you’ve watched the movie “Pulp Fiction” then you know that a Wolf is someone who can handle a “Bonnie Situation”. We use the term wolves to describe our most senior consultants. Wolves solve problems - and we need more wolves!

Praqma is not your average consultancy. Our business is about delivering change to ambitious clients who are seeking to upgrade their development process - through DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We inspire, counsel, guide, and assist our clients through the whole process.

We bring expertise, experience and best practice to the transformation. When we engage, we work directly with the customer’s own people and we help them excel.

Our policy with our clients is buy a resource and get a whole team which in plain english translates to the direct opposite of body shopping. We deliver our work as a service, and it includes expertise in any approach or technology that could fit into the DevOps tool-stack or Continuous Delivery methodology.

No one person can deliver all that alone.

What’s the job?

So - every time we engage with a customer, we need a Wolf on-site. The wolf’s job is to understand the customer’s need, facilitate their personnel, know exactly when to bring in expert colleagues in the equation and when to take work off-site and engage our own CoDe miners - our nickname for the in-house developers we have in Praqmaplex who’re supporting our wolves in the field with code nuggets.

  • Wolves are thought leaders, they inspire colleagues and clients.
  • Wolves are experienced practitioners in the field of DevOps and Continuous Delivery.
  • Wolves know how to deal with “Bonnie Situations” in the wild.
  • Wolves have an agile mindset.

Our wolves work closely with each other inside Praqma. They share work and they carry the knowledge of their colleague wolves to their own clients. This is all formalized in our Continuous Delivery Alliance; a VIP club where our clients jointly innovate and contribute to our Open Source projects.

Wolves also occasionally serve as mentors for our Praqtitioners - the term we use for consultants who are eager, enthusiastic, engaged - but less experienced than our wolves.

Additionally, in Praqma, it is everyone’s job to undertake research. Our business is based on a moving target of the latest technologies and approaches, so we need to learn the latest technology, apply it, and most importantly teach and promote it internally and to the world.

Are you it?

If you have what it takes to be a wolf at Praqma, then we’d like to hear from you. We currently need wolves in the following locations: Oslo, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Göteborg.

Let us know why you’re interested in joining our team, and sell us on “you” by submitting your eye-catching cover letter and resume to jobs@praqma.net

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