January 25, 2017 Jobs

Benevolent dictators, code miners and full-stack developers

In Praqma, we believe in the power of open source to change the world. Throughout our history we have been contributing to open source projects as well as creating our own, in collaboration with our clients. We have a busy team of CoDe miners digging out code nuggets.

Our code mines support both our consultants in the field and our countless Open Source projects in “The CoDe Alliance”.

As our company has grown, so has the ambitions of our projects. Now we’re not only looking for code miners but even benevolent dictators to take the helm!

Praqma has always been about delivering software the way it should be done; continuously, in drops, nicely wrapped up - together with delivery pipelines attached and useful documentation.

The software we produce is mostly Open Source. A lot of it is created in the context of our “CoDe Alliance”. It’s an alliance that includes many of our customers, where we engage in each others continuous delivery challenges and build useful stuff together, sharing the cost and releasing as Open Source to the community.

The CoDe Alliance is run by Praqma and we meet regularly to maintain an ambitious roadmap for all the development tools, utilities and extensions that we create in the alliance.

As our consultants in the field work with our clients they often spot and identify the need for new software ranging from small scripts to full fledged Open Source frameworks and tools.

This model is proving it’s worth more and more every single day and we’re getting really busy in the code mines.

What’s the job?

“Well - to write code!”


But with an interesting twist:

Code MinerApart from code miners we’re also using the term “Benevolent Dictator”, and if you are engaged in Open Source communities, you’ve probably picked up enough Open Source lingo - to know what is meant by that.

A benevolent dictator is a joyful reference to the fact that efficient software development is done in a meritocracy - not a democracy. “The people who knows the most - decides the most”.

In praqma we’ve adapted this term to indicate who has the overall responsibility for a component; Architecture, interfaces, pipeline, releases, end-user feedback, tests, infrastructure, community, research, evangelism and public relations to the Code alliance and potentially other partners as well.

A component in this term is anything that is individually releasable, so it can range from a small utility script to a comprehensive system used by thousands of end-users.

In Praqma there is a natural career path built into the way we organize ourselves: You can start in the mines, and work your way up to become a benevolent dictator - maybe on a small component to begin withe, but later on a strategic level, managing the big ones.

We need more developers - in general - both as code miners and as benevolent dictators. An an unholy mixture here of.

Code miners and benevolent dictators work closely with a lot of people - both with each others, and with our senior consultants and praqtitioners in the field. But even with our communications and marketing team to develop technical blogs and video tubes and with our event management team to organize meetups, hackathons and events.

Our business is based on a moving target of the latest technologies and approaches. In Praqma, it is everyone’s job to undertake research. But quite a lot of it is done in the code mines, conducting this research and turning outcome into useful deliveries internally and to our clients is important.

Are you it?

We’re on the lookout for full-stack developers!

Your current level of experience can range from newbie to very experienced. We will fit you in.

But no matter where on the ladder your are, you should be enthusiastic and maybe even already engaged in Open Source. You interest should be full-stack. Your credo is; “Explain your problem, and I’ll make it go away with a snippet of code”. You probably don’t care much if your are working front-end or back-end, infrastructure or integrations, utilities or frame works. To you, it’s all just code and you love it all!

You probably have a personal interest in “how?””; You like to explore, and optimize, you believe that code should be clean and there is a right way to produce code, and you would like to explore and elaborate on this, to become efficient, both as a developer, but equally important, as an organization. We honestly believe that the way we do code in Praqma should be a show-case to our customers on how to optimize.

You are probably ambitious. We are!

To summarize

We are currently a little (too) thin on technologies like Front-end (Jekyll, Liquid, JavaScript, CSS) so please come forward if this is all you. But we also need to expand our team in general in technologies such as …Well anything programmable.

We currently take application from:

  • Benevolent dictators
  • Code miners

Our larges code mine is currently in Copenhagen, but we’re also digging in Oslo, Stockholm and Aarhus.

To apply, send us your eye-catching cover letter and resume to jobs@praqma.com

Familiarize yourself with our onboarding process; Get Your Orange Wings

If you have any questions before you apply, please call Lars on +45 20 87 25 30 or mail him on lak@praqma.com.